2nd gay Episcopal Bishop

Hey its a woman this time…what’s next?

"LONG BEACH, Calif. — Seven years after the Episcopal Church caused an uproar by consecrating its first openly gay bishop, it’s set to do the same thing again — only this time with a woman.

The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool, of Baltimore, will be ordained and consecrated on Saturday, making her the second openly gay bishop in church history and one of the first two female bishops in the Diocese of Los Angeles’ 114-year history"

Here is a news link:

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here’s another comcast.net/articles/news-national/20100515/US.Episcopal.Bishops/

Here is a bit more on the Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool’s impending consecration:

The election of Mary Glasspool - who has been with her partner Becki for 22 years - represented a snub by the liberal Episcopal Church to other Anglican Churches around the world.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams had urged the American Church not to proceed with the ordination, warning that it would further alienate traditionalists who believe active homosexuality to be a sin.

It is likely to accelerate the gradual marginalisation of the Episcopal Church within a two-tier Communion and increase tensions between Anglicans elsewhere.


Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton of Maryland said the communion is in the midst of a fight, and “it’s a fight worth having. … Whenever the church has tried to limit leadership based on a person’s biology, in most cases they have had to admit that was a mistake.”

Sutton, who in 2008 became the first African-American to lead the Diocese of Maryland, offers himself as an example. As recently as 50 years ago, Sutton said, he probably would not have been welcome to worship in most of the parishes he now oversees.

Over time, Sutton said, Glasspool’s significance as a symbol of division will diminish, and she’ll be seen for her qualities as a bishop.


We’re hoping to have noncelibate animals consecrated as “bishops” by this time next year. We’re also considering alternate services for plant-plant and plant-animal marriage, as well as potential Holy Orders for plant life.

/sarcasm, although the animal thing might really be in the works.

And thus, I just changed my forum religion from “Episcopalian” to “Looking for a new Church.” :mad:

This, and many other things in the Episcopalian Church, must be extremely difficult for conservative members. The hurt and confusion must be awful. Hopefully, you and they will find your way home. God bless.

It is awful, but Rome looks very much like a Shining City on a Hill at the moment. :slight_smile:

I can imagine it would. Hope you follow the light :console

The authority for the teachings of the Catholicism lies in the pope, the bishops, and the Church as a whole remaining in communion with what the saints have been teaching and have held themselves to for the last two thousand years.
The saints in heaven are as alive and well and their ‘votes’ are even more valid than those of us who are still struggling in our missions here on earth. They have already ‘voted’ with the example of their lives. Their teachings on sexual sin will not be change to suit the misguided will of our current secular society.

The sexual proclivities or sinful failings of any church leader cannot influence the teachings on sin one iota. The teachings of
rome are as absolute as the morality that they proclaim as being the good news that will set us free from sin.

the episcopal church has no authority like the Pope, so they can do whatever they want i guess.

that is why i converted to the Catholic church in 2008 from the Episcopal church.

Expect more Episcopal to covert to Catholicism soon. I know of one young Episcopal priest converted to Catholic and became Catholic priest.

Blazerdave I am sorry for what is happening to your church.:frowning:

“Hello, is this the Chancery offices? The Bishop would like to speak to the Dean, please.”


I have a news flash for everyone here. There are a heckofa lot more than two gay Episcopal Bishops - and there probably always have been. There are also heckofa lot more than two gay Catholic bishops - and there probably always have been. What is new is that they are admitting it.

But that is precisely the issue, I think. As long as gay bishops denied homosexual inclination or activity, there was no challenge to the traditional Christian belief that homosexual behavior is immoral.

However, by elevating gays and lesbians to bishop, The Episcopal Church is making a bold statement that the traditional view of homosexual activity is not valid.

not even king henry viii would approve of what is happening the anglican faith now i don’t believe.

To TCM let’s just ban any all kinds of judgements. Let’s just have a free for all. Chaos. Yeh. Lets never condemn anything and accept everything. Anything goes,

Which is a judgment in and of itself.

If this is addressed to me - the quote in my signature line is St. Paul’s, not mine. I do agree with it, however. Two points of clarification, the point is not to “never condemn anything” it is to never condemn anyone. I would also point out that “never condemn anyone” is not the same as “accept everything” or “anything goes.”

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