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I love my Parish, ever since conversion I have been very active and attending the Sacraments regularly. With that being said, it is close to home,so is it ok to have a 2nd Parish closer to where I work, just to attend Mass( I work about 30 minutes away)? I know you can go to Confession at any Catholic Church but I really would like to attend Mass during the week and due to my work location and schedule, I can usually attend Mass (during the week) once. I want and need to attend more often.Is this acceptable? I found out their is a Church about 8 minutes away and they have a 11:30 Mass which would be perfect for me as I could go during lunch(I don’t usually eat lunch). And, they have Reconcilliation every day of the week which would be nice as well. Is this ok to do, I am not talking about moving different Parishes but just as an added part?


Of course! It’s not only OK, it’s wonderful that you want to attend Mass & Reconciliation more often!


Many people attend a different parish during the week do to the reasons you stated and their is nothing wrong with it at all. Much more common than you think. God bless you on your involvement.


Great news and I thought so but I wasn’t sure! I attend Mass on Sunday and once through the week but I would love to go daily. I attend Confession weekly-biweekly but I would like to go more often as I have really been struggling mentally and I think it would help.


Ok wonderful, thank you.


You are allowed to go to any Catholic church at any time, even on a Sunday. Of course, it makes sense to go to your parish church often, since that is where you will have the strongest connection to the community, but there isn’t actually a requirement for you to go there any particular number of times.


Ok, my preference is definitely my own Parish but of that want available,its nice I can go somewhere else!


I do the same. I attend church on Sundays at my local parish church, but attend weekday masses (usually once a week) at the church near my work. I also go there on Holy Days of Obligation. It is much more convenient for me, and it’s nice to see how different churches do things.


This is true, but on the other hand…I.know what to expect. It’s the same prayers, same daily Mass readings…etc. if I went to another Nazarene Church, when I was a Nazarene, you would have no idea what would happen. I like having a path to follow.


Probably attend several parishes during the week/month. I do that as mass times are different every week. I like to go in the week when possible.


It was nice and I was happy to go. I definitely prefer my own Parish,Church, Preist…etc but those are secondary to when you need the grace of God.

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