2Tim 1:16-18 Onesiphorus and Purgatory

Is Paul praying for Onesiphorus and therefore implies the existence of purgatory? Or, is Paul simply praying for the family of Onesiphorus and therefore does not imply the existence of purgatory? Paul would not pray for someone already in heaven because there is no useful point to it. Paul would pray for someone in purgatory.

Yes. It seems to imply that. Here’s where it’s mentioned on the Catholic Answers Website:


Thanks. I’ve been having a hard time finding already posted discussions to the questions I have. Therefore, I start my own thread. Why did you come to this thread?

Here is the Ignatius Study Bible excerpt:

This passage has nothing to do with purgatory.

Vince: How can we know this with certainty?

We can’t. There are any number of interpretations of this passage acceptable, and any number of understandings of Purgatory that are acceptable.

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