2yr old going back to parents


Its official it is time to let my little adorable niece go home to her parents. I just hope and pray they are ready for her. I am sad because I love her so much and they live so far away. It will be hard on my family but it is time.


You have my prayers. When my hubby and I were newly married we cared for a toddler whose mother had to serve a tour in Saudi Arabia. I still miss that little girl even though its been a long, long time since we last saw her. So, I know that it can be painful to say goodbye to a child who you have been a caregiver to. Big hugs for you.:hug1:


Thanks deb. I am a bit teary but I have until January 3rd to get my cuddles in. It is nice to know I can come here for a shoulder to cry on.


Jodi-I’m so sad for you and for your niece. From what you’ve said, I know she has been well-loved and treated at your home. I hope she will continue to thrive in her parents’ care.


I am all teary-eyed reading your post. Many prayers for you, your niece, and your niece’s parents. I’m sure you know that the love you gave that little one will never be forgotten; especially in God’s eyes.


Oh yes, you have done such a wonderful job and God has certainly touched you and this child through each other. May God continue to be with you always!!!:slight_smile:


Thanks everyone believe it or not I am feeling a bit better about all of this today. Less tears more prayers. She is several pounds heavier and an inch and a half taller, She is fully immunized and has had seen all the doctors she missed out on before. She also has complete clothes for her now, and up to two sizes bigger. She will also be returning with some great toys, something tells me I am going to have to pay for extra bags. Since she is family I will get to call and see her more than your average foster family so I am very greatful. I would like to offer up a prayer for all the other foster families this time of year.


I’m sorry Jodi! I was hoping in a way, that you could have kept her over the holidays…but, I will pray along with you that her parents are ready for her, now…please dear Lord, may this child be in good hands, and protected and kept safe. Amen. Hang in there, Jodi…you have been such a charitable role model for us here.:slight_smile:


I do get to keep her until Jan 3rd so she will be here over the holidays. I have gotten the airplane tickets. There is a chance that everything will fall apart for her folks and her return would be delayed beyond that, but the whole idea was for her parents to get healthy enough to have her back. It is just hard cause she already has a piece of my heart and it will be hard to send her back even if it is the right thing to do.


oh Jodi,
I’m new to your story, but please accept my prayers and condolences.

consider doing this wonderful thing that I learned others are doing:
send her links to your youtube account of you reading stories to her-- stories and books you sent her home with.

if that’s too techie, send books with recordings of you reading them to her.

and enjoy this blessed Christmas with her!


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