3 AM??

When I was watching the exorcism of emily rose I noticed a part about the awakinings at 3 am. And that the priest told her that 3am is the devils hour to mock christ because he was crucified at 3pm…Ive also heard that lotsa weird things happen at 3am because of the souls in purgatory…

What is the churchs saying on this? Does the ECF say anything or any private revelation of a saint?

I have heard many times that 3pm is the hour Jesus died also and is known as “the hour of mercy.” But that’s all I know.

Yea i have been having trouble finding any info on this…

Firstly this is a myth, secondly belief in this myth provides extra fear at this time, Satan preys on fear so because you believe and are fearful at this hour he will be more active at 3:00AM thus “proving” the myth making you more fearful making him more likely to act at said hour making you still MORE fearful etc.!
so far as I know neither the Church nor any saints have confirmed this myth but its power comes from those that believe it so just “be not afraid”!

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