3-Apr-09 - Constitutionality of Mt. Soledad Cross To Be Defended [via EWTN]

San Diego, Calif., Apr 3, 2009 (CNA).- Arguing that removing the memorial would cause ?real, irreparable harm? to war heroes and their families, the T…

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For 35 years there was absolutely nothing on the grounds which even indicated that it was a veterans memorial. In fact, during that time, it was advertised only as the “Mt. Soledad Easter Cross” without so much as a dedication plague or American flag. Anyone who argues that the cross was intended by the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association to be a veterans memorial is being completely dishonest.

I don’t know anything about this issue except what was in the wikipedia article. That article agrees with you that during the first 35 years, the cross was identified as a religious memorial. Its identity as a veterans memorial seems to have begun in 1989.

Regardless of its origin, if its been a veterans memorial for the past 20 years why shouldn’t it be allowed to continue? :shrug:


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