3 Consciousnesses in one Mind

I remember someone saying that this is how he thinks of the Trinity. Would this be the Catholic position?

No. The Catholic position is three persons in one being. Three consciousnesses in one mind would be akin to multiple personality disorder. God is not schizophrenic.

Well I was wondering if the persons are the Consciousnesses and the being is the Mind. And the Consciousnesses would be in perfect unity, so that wouldn’t have all of the implications that we think lf when we think of schizophrenia.

I don’t believe “Mind” is what Catholics believe God’s being to be. God’s essence is Love. Whether essence corresponds to being, I’m not sure. However, “person” includes intellect and will.

Perhaps expand on what you mean by “Mind.” I would think intellect and will are something like constituent parts of a conscious mind, but if that’s true, then there would be three minds in God, not one, corresponding to each person.

That’s how I would think about it, which is why I associated your idea with schizophrenia. But, as I said, let’s explore what you mean by “mind,” and maybe we can work more clearly from there.

God is like three persons in one family

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