3 Days After Uri Attack, India Hands Pakistan Envoy Evidence And A Warning



                                       At this point I think the Indian military would be justified in crossing the border into Pakistan to deal with terrorists.




One wonders about the degree to which Pakistan can even control this. It certainly doesn’t control its western provinces and borders. But a direct Indian incursion into Pakistan? Given the hatred and Islamic radicalism so many in Pakistan have for the “pagans” in India, one wonders about the wisdom of doing that.

After all, we in the U.S. don’t do anything to guard our southern border against drug dealers, terrorists or anyone else, and nobody is calling for a military incursion into Mexico.


I think Pakistan has a bigger threat with terrorism against India than we do with Mexico. it is not the same. if there were terrorists groups in Mexico making threats against the U.S. or coming over and attacking then returning to Mexico we would do the same.


How do you know they’re not? After all, only about 60% of illegals crossing the southern border are Mexicans. And ISIS has definitely claimed that some of its people have crossed over from Mexico.

I’m not saying India doesn’t have a greater threat. What I am saying is that India is dealing with a crazy nation full of Islamic radicals, some of whom would trigger a nuke if they could. India has to be very careful in considering whether to send troops into Pakistan. It’s not an obvious choice.


I understand now the point you are making about triggering a nuke.
I know there are many nationalities crossing our southern border, but I think the percentage of Middle Easterners is relatively small in number. I might be wrong. it seems with our current admibistration we are happily welcoming them in our country through refugee programs. they don’t need to sneak in.


Kashmir dispute: Two Pakistani soldiers killed after clashes with India

Two Pakistani soldiers were killed after an exchange of fire with Indian troops across the de-facto border between the two countries in the disputed region of Kashmir, Pakistan’s military said.

The Indian army said it had conducted “surgical attacks” in the area known as the Line of Control to foil a “terrorist attack,” according to India’s Director General of Military Operations.



After military raid, India looks at more ways to pressure Pakistan

Beyond Thursday’s raid by Indian special forces into Pakistan’s side of divided Kashmir, New Delhi is considering new economic and diplomatic measures to bring pressure to bear on its neighbor, Indian officials said.

Some Indian officials said the military was not planning further attacks or a major military offensive against Pakistan.

But they said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government was debating whether to use New Delhi’s rising economic and diplomatic weight to squeeze Pakistan, a country one-fifth its size and with an economy seven times smaller

"The objective is to bring about a change in Pakistani behavior, and for that you need to move on multiple levels.

“The strategy will involve all instruments of national power. Military is only one of the options,” added the official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue.



They did that too.

Pakistan responded by saying that their nukes weren’t built for show.


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