'3 Instagrams? PAH!' Sexy selfie app SnapChat spurns Facebook's $3bn



What worries me isn’t that Snapchat won’t let FB buy it, but this:

" …of **sexting-friendly messaging service **Snapchat…" (bold mine)

" Snapchat’s main attraction, compared to competing services like Facebook-owned*Instagram, is that it allows users to send photos on a temporary basis. The sender can set a time limit of up to 30 seconds, after which the photo will be deleted from the receiver’s device.

That makes it ideal for trading naughty selfies that you don’t want seen by eyes other than the intended recipient’s (although Spiegel likes to say Snapchat is about “sharing moments”).It also means Snapchat’s user base skews toward young adults, a valuable demographic for marketers."

Pray for our kids. There is so much wrong with this. And a parent may not even know.


Sexting is not a problem exclusive to the use of Snapchat.


Maybe not, but now it makes it far easier to do and this app targets young people.

Either way, prayers are good and needed.


snapchat isn't the only place this is happening but it's one of the most common certainly, esp with the teen crowd..

we are dealing with an older teen who persists in pressuring our 15 yr old daughter to engage with him on snapchat..she's beginning to feel creeped out and it's changing the way she feels about going to PSR every week-as that's where she encounters him!


And there are other apps out there to capture the pics from SnapChat so they don’t disappear…ever.

FBI Warns Parents That Snapchat App Could Make Children Vulnerable


Talk to the youth director or your pastor. Tell them exactly what this boy is doing. He needs some counsel from his priest! Your daughter needs to know clearly that his behavior isn’t appropriate and she doesn’t have to just ‘deal with it’ or try to ignore him.


It is still possible to take a screenshot of any photo sent on Snapchat and save it anywhere you please. There is nothing sexting-friendly about snapchat - it is simply another way to share photos.


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