3-Level Apologetics

Can it be this simple and easy? Please check out my new website and let me know what you think.

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Oops! Here’s the link…


[quote=That1Guy]Oops! Here’s the link…


Took a quick look. Interesting approach and nice graphics. Looks like the epistomological approach to apologetics.

Have you considered this truth:

Geocentricity 101: A beginner’s Course
*]Geocentricity 101, Part I: Basic Principles
*]Geocentricity 101, Part II: Basic Physics
*]Geocentricity 101, Part III: Scriptural and Church Position
*]Geocentricity 101, Supplement: Discussion of Scripture and Church Position
[/list]I wonder, truthfully, what this picture (from your site) is implying, and how it fits into Catholic thought:

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Is this the Garden of Eden or temptation?

Mark Wyatt

Very nice…:slight_smile: When will you finish completing the page for the second foundation?


[quote=That1Guy]Oops! Here’s the link…



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