3 masses

Is it ok, if I want to, to go to three masses in one Sunday (one of them Vigil and two on Sunday)?


You can attend as many Masses as you like. You can receive communion a maximum of twice a day and the second time must be at Mass. (The first time could be at Mass, a communion service, etc.)

One Mass on Saturday and two Masses on Sunday is not considered three Masses in one day.

At the same time, you might want to consider other forms of prayer rather than attending multiple Masses.

I ended up not going to the third one.

There were specific reasons I wanted to go to the different masses, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

I do often go on Saturday evening as well as on Sunday though.

This is the time of year, though, when First Holy Communion for a parish is likely to be spread over the three weekend Masses. Since we have the room for it, I went to all three in our parish this year, and was glad I did. All three were very special, and each one was different. (OK, that is true every weekend, but your original point is well-taken, too.)

But normally, yes, usually one would only go to Mass so many times in one day when there is a different reason for assisting at each of multiple Masses on the same day, or when one has a unique contribution to make (such as serving as a musician or choir director at all three Masses).

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