$3 million cash seized near U.S. - Mexican border



$3 million in cash seized in car near U.S. - Mexican border.

Officials believe cash was being smuggled into Mexico.


Smuggling drugs into the US isn’t very rewarding if you are unable to get your cash back home.

Apparently this was the largest amount captured on the West Coast. It is thought that the VW Passat was chosen as the transport vehicle because it would attract little attention.


This is what $3 million looks like:


One of the real reasons they fight to keep the ‘war on drugs’ going!


They say, yeah, well, they can still tunnel under the wall.

True. BUT, HOWEVER, there are modern technologies that can detect tunneling … new kinds of seismic detection … developed in the pursuit of fracking in the United States to develop oil and natural gas … [very politically incorrect] …

… AND … ground penetrating radar … which has been around a long time, but which has been developed during the “campaign” against IEDs. Improvised Explosive Devices.

But both of these can be used to detect tunneling.

And I suspect other technologies, as well.

It’s why it is important to “do science”.

By the way, if you detect a tunnel, all you need to do then is to call up a ready-mix concrete truck, and fill up the tunnel. You use what they call “a soupy mix” … very liquidy … so it flows smoothly into all the voids and through all and any twists and turns. Not trying to build a foundation for a bridge or anything like that.

But the concrete will harden up. And that’s the end of that.

It’s cheap and fast. All you need is a cell phone and a credit card.


That must have been a massive suitcase.


When you think about the sheer quantity the cartels need to get into the US, to keep virtually every city, large and small, fully supplied with drugs ( heroin in particular), that is ALOT of tonnage every single day that must get to its intended destination. Where are we slipping up that we cannot even put a dent into this supply chain?!

Like Ive said before, a single opium poppy plant does not produce much of the opioid alkaloid, so it takes a lot of plants to make a small amount of dope…Mexico must have poppy fields so large they can be seen from space. lol

These figures alone, imo, clearly show some kind of collusion is taking place.


From what I have seen, on line and on television, most of the border is just a small fence easily crossed by foot or by vehicle.

Seems to me that a LOT of the cocaine comes in by container. From Colombia.

They use airplanes and high speed “Cigarette” boats and even custom built submarines.

There was a movie made a few years ago about the U.S. trying to intercept drugs from Afghanistan … moving through Europe, via Marseille. Gene Hackman was the principal actor.

The U.S. government has a large collection of airplanes seized here after they were caught bringing in drugs.

Check out the photos of the DEA “air force”. They have radar picket planes with the rotating saucer antenna on top and they have executive jets modified with large intercept radars in the nose, and they have helicopters that chase the smuggler airplanes and swoop in when they land.

Local residents complain all the time of the foot traffic.


The DEA actually has a museum of their hardware:


See if this opens for you:



Have you ever read the book Killing Pablo? Its about the US hunt for Pablo Escobar, an ininfamous drug cartel leader from Columbia. He had networks for bringing in drugs through Miami, Los Angeles, and NewYork. At one point the US intercepted a 14 ton shipment of cocaine from him, but its estimated that on a monthly basis he was shipping in nearly 80 tons of cocaine. He flew in his shipments, or had them brought in on boats.


Oh yes, and with the heroin today, they have to ship MUCH more, as heroin is something addicts must use multiple times per day, not like cocaine.

Then again, when your budget is literally unlimited, you can hire the best logistics people in the world.

Its just amazing they are able to keep every city supplied consistently, this kind of thing is tough even for legal companies/ products!!


None of this would be possible without many people willing to pay for the high they get from putting poison into their bodies. It never made sense to me. I never tried recreational drugs, and never understood why anyone else would. It is not a victimless crime to support international criminal organizations.


Any of that $3 million supposed to go to Iran?


It’s possible. Iran is a major grower of opium and much of it is exported. Whether the Mexican cartels rely on opium from overseas, I don’t know. Opium production in Mexico is significant.


Was this in California or Arizona?


Sounds like it was near San Diego.



Thanks for your reply! :thumbsup:


Problem everywhere.


Even in Oz.


Not sure about Iran, but I know Afghanistan is one of the main opium suppliers today, US soldiers are even used to guard these fields and processing facilities! This is not opium for the pharmaceutical industry either, they have their own private fields.


You know this for a fact?


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