3 Quotes from St. Jerome on Women's Equality

Anti-Catholics love to say that the Church Fathers were anti-woman misogynists, and Jerome receives special wrath from the more anti-Catholic branches of feminism. But I’ve found several quotes from the venerable Father that I thought showed him in a different light, and I wanted to share them with you. Use them in your discussions with feminists and other people interested in the history of Catholic social doctrine. [LIST]
*]397 A.D. - “I know that I am often much criticized because I sometimes write to women and seem to prefer the more fragile sex to the stronger.” “[But] Aquila and Priscilla educate[d] Apollo, an apostolic man learned in the law, in the way of the lord. If to be taught by a woman was not shameful to an apostle, why should it be [shameful] to me afterwards to teach men and women?” “This and its like I have touched on briefly, to ensure that you [women] should not be penalized because of your sex.” (Jerome, Letter to Principia, 397 A.D., quoted in Abelard, Letter 9, 1137 A.D.)
*]412 A.D. - “The unbelieving reader may perhaps laugh at me for dwelling so long on the praises of mere women; yet if he will but remember how holy women followed our Lord and Saviour and ministered to Him of their substance, and how the three Marys stood before the cross and especially how Mary Magdalen—called the tower from the earnestness and glow of her faith—was privileged to see the rising Christ first of all before the very apostles, he will convict himself of pride sooner than me of folly. For we judge of people’s virtue not by their sex but by their character.” (Letter 127:5)
*]“[A] commandment which is given to men logically applies to women also. … The laws of Caesar are different, it is true, from the laws of Christ…ut with us Christians what is unlawful for women is equally unlawful for men, and as both serve the same God both are bound by the same obligations.” (Letter 77:3)

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