3 Small Questions

I watched CGPGrey’s video on the Vatican, and it says how the Pope is both the religious leader (of the faithful) and also the King of the Vatican. Surprisingly I can’t seem to find much on this with a search on the web or on the forums.

  1. So is the Pope also acting as King in the Vatican?

  2. I know the Council of Trent further defined? the Bible Canon, but is it unchanging or is it possible that the Pope or in an Ecumenical Council can the Bible Canon be changed?

  3. When making the Sign of the Cross, which fingers are touching your forward (middle, middle and index, index, etc). And how do you dip your finger in the water font (on the side, in the middle), and which finger(s) do you let it get wet from the water?

1 Government
Yes, the pope is the king of the vatican.
Here’s a link to the governmental website: www.vaticanstate.va/content/vaticanstate/en/stato-e-governo.html
Primarily, the Pope appoints the legislators.

3 Sign of the Cross
Which fingers are used varies by which Rite one is, and sometimes, by which recension.

Most Byzantines, it will be the index, middle, and thumb together, with the ring and pinkie pressed to the palm. The rare Old Ritualist parishes (Pre-Nikonian Russian Use) it’s the index finger, with the middle crossing it, while the thumb rests upon the ring and pinkie (all byzantines use this for the priest giving certain blessings).

Most Romans it will be index and middle, but it’s not as rigidly “tradition-bound” as in the Byzantine rite churches in union. I’ve seen both traditional byzantine hand shapes, as well, and the flat hand, just the index finger, and the “teacup hand” (index, middle, and thumb together, pinkie and ring sticking out). I’ve even seen the “scout salute” hand - thumb holds pinkie, other three together.

The 3 & 2 hand positions, all variations, are 3 for the trinity, and 2 for the dual natures of Christ.

2 Biblical Canon
It is extremely unlikely for the canon to be expanded past what the Ethiopians and Byzantines use (Byzantines have an additional 2 books; Ethiopians have about 4 additional books); Rome hasn’t said we are to stop.

What Rome has said at Trent, however, is that the Trent Canon is explicitly and permanently canonical. We will not see the canon reduced.

And if you’ve not read 3&4 Maccabees, you should. :wink:

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