3 Tips For A More Civil Conversation About Syrian Refugees

Saw this on Facebook. Thought it might be useful for people caught up in this whirlwind.


Good article. Thank you.
A very balanced view.

Very good article. I especially liked this part, true for any other debate as well:

Consider the possibility that other people simply have different prudence and charity calculi than you. Then, consider their arguments with an open mind rather than simply reacting emotionally.

I would also add this:

  1. Formulate your opinion and stance grounded on established facts, rather than biased or inaccurate reporting

I keep seeing this statement, almost a meme by now, that “70% of the Syrian refugees are young, able-bodied men”. That’s been debunked in many places. :shrug:

Yes, a breath of fresh air. “Moral preening”…that’s an apt phrase!

Excellent article :slight_smile: I feel like I agreed with parts, learned from parts; she made connections I hadn’t seen, and I didn’t feel depressed about the state of the world when I finished it!

I believe Jesus said it best; in regards to the Syrian crisis…

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God”.

If we can separate our political conversation from our moral Christian obligation and faith, the Syrian conversation can stay balanced and within it’s means.

Do the Caesar’s of today possess divine moral teaching practices to place upon it’s citizens?, or is it the Caesar’s of today with the responsibility to keep it’s tax paying citizens free from violence by a terrorist?

If the Caesar’s of today pretend to possess a divine moral teaching for others, then why do we have refugee’s fleeing their own country?

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