3-year-old says she saw Jesus after nearly drowning in pool


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I bet a lot of people simply refuse to believe it, but there are just too many similar stories; like when people are about to die and claim to having met their long deceased relatives, for them to be imaginary.

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I don’t refuse to believe it, though I have nagging doubts, and I imagine many others do too. Our minds do strange things when the breathing is cut off.

Thank you for the link, though, OP!



Thanks for sharing the link; I love near death experience stories and always wonder if perhaps it’s a peek into heaven.


Before even reading the story, I’m feeling a prophecy well up from within me: I foresee a bestselling book and film in 2015.

I wonder how a 3-year-old is supposed to recognize Jesus if we don’t even know what he looked like?



Don’t you think we will know Him when we see Him?



I was four years old when I had my near death experience. Why is it so common for those of us who have these experiences to express meeting with God or Jesus. In my case I had no prior knowledge of God or Jesus. I believe she met Jesus bases on my own experience. I could never believe differently.


Young children probably don’t know anybody who is dead, so who better to console them “on the other side” than our LORD?

Older folks are more likely to have dead parents, GPs, siblings, etc, to meet them.

Me, though I am not a child of any description, could long to be met by our LORD Himself!

Death would be unbearable otherwise.



My NDE, if one could call it that, wasn’t nearly as nice as seeing Him.
It was, in fact, fairly horrible. Perhaps I saw hell.

Maybe Jesus’ image will fit what we have thought it to be. Or what we can handle.

“I don’t mean to brag, but I appeared to you as I am, as I really am, your mind couldn’t grasp it.”

Can mine be subplot to the movie?!


Who were you quoting?




From “Oh, God!” the movie.


I think the Holy Shroud gives us a pretty good idea. :yup:
Why should anyone not believe in the possibility of life beyond death? Where were we before we were conceived? Since we popped into this existence miraculously, out of “nowhere” really, why consider it impossible that our soul could be transferred into another after physical death? Rob :smiley:


Little Audry Santo comes to mind.


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