30 dead' after truck crashes into crowd at Bastille Day celebrations in Nice 'terror attack'




A truck has reportedly plowed into a crowd in Nice, France; reports of dozens dead. cnb.cx/29FvB90


This Bastille Day attack was apparently planned. There is a rather large Muslim population in Nice and perhaps the attack is connected to a jihadist group according to one report I heard. But it is still too early to know for sure. Nice is also, I presume, a comparatively soft target.


May they RIP. It looks most likely to be be a terrorist attack and ISIS related.


*A lorry ran down a large group of people in the southern French city of Nice during a suspected terrorist attack. At least 50 people are feared dead with more than 100 injured during the Bastille Day attack.

Gunshots rang out in the streets, with gunmen targeting hotels and cafes in the port city as residents were warned to lock themselves in doors for their safety. Hostages have been taken in a hotel in the city. The RAID anti-terror squad has been deployed to the city.

It is believed the gunmen are holding hostages in the Meridien Hotel, the Hotel Negresco and the Buffalo Grill restaurant.

A lorry rammed into a large group of people who were celebrating Bastille Day before gunmen started firing.

A spokesman for the Alpes Maritime prefecture advised locals to ‘stay indoors’ as gunfire was heard, and a lorry was driven into a crowd on the Promenade des Anglais.
Eyewitnesses said there were ‘bodies everywhere’ with at least 100 people injured.
The truck driver is believed to have crashed his vehicle and jumped out and started shooting.
Police are also searching for an accomplice.
At this stage, police are describing the incident as ‘a major criminal attack’. *


Looks like gunfire was also exchanged with those driving and on board the truck. Appears likely to be a terror attack. :frowning:


And the Eiffel Tower is on fire.


Looks like as many as 60 may be dead according to Fox and BBC. Absolutely terrible. And on the day they were going to lift the emergency measures that had been in place since the Paris terror attacks no less.


I am praying hard. France has a special place in my heart, and I remember consoling a French girl after the Paris attacks. Right now, I just feel like hugging a French person.


Praying for the repose of the souls of those who died. Praying for the health & recovery of the injured. Praying for the families of both.


Amen, sister. :frowning:

60+ dead now.:frowning:


It’s out now; it was not related to the attack in Nice; it was an accident with the fireworks. There is no damage to the tower, but a truck was damaged.



Praying for the repose of the souls of those who died. Praying for the health & recovery of the injured. Praying for tye families of both.


Amen, sister. :frowning:


The death toll is now listed as 73. This is a major tragedy. My prayers for the deceased, injured, and their families.




it really is dreadful, for the French nation may God bless them.

They’ve had constant terrorist attacks for nearly 2 years now!


This type of attack can happen anywhere at anytime. It makes me sick.
Fire arms, grenades, and explosives found in the truck. I’m sure he planned on doing more damage.


In the country with one of the strictest set of gun control laws in the world.


Amen, brother.


Now is not the time for politics, please stop.

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