30 Million suit vs. "perv" Pastor

A married pastor sexually assaulted a live-in custodial worker at his Flatbush church and victimized other congregants, a $30 M suit charges.
Victor Figuera, who was quietly arrested May 4, allegedly fondled the woman twice last October after barging into her and her husband’s basement apartment at Iglesia Pentecostal Jesus el Camino Verdadero.
“This is stronger than you or I”, the pastor said as he groped her, according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal court.
Figuero is charged with trespassing, harassment and sexual abuse, the Brooklyn DA’s office said.

The New York Post.

It happens in every denomination. But more so in Protestant churches.

Yes it happens more in protestant churches but you do not heard about all of them and they have more preachers in the protestant church

But the story was never of just the fallen Priest. The focus was on the Bishops of Boston and Los Angeles more then any individual Priest. The story was the Bishop knowing of a bad Priest having the Priest transferred to an unsuspecting new congregation.

What’s the purpose of the thread? To prove that Protestants have sinners in their ranks, too and that it proves the Catholic Church is true because there’s a scandal amongst that one church?:shrug:

Do you like it when Protestants judge the Catholic Church by the actions and misconducts of its clergy? A little decency and Christian charity go a long way. The mods may quickly close this thread.

In Christ,


I think that what you are noting here, is the burden that the
Church in the United States will carry for decades.
No matter which individuals ‘used’ these events to
excoriate the Church, in an attempt to undermine her authority,
it must ever be remembered that these events actually happened.

It was a time for sackcloth and ashes - for begging God
to extend mercy and forgiveness. For removing the
episcopal ring, raising funds in the disposal of same?
-funds that might have been used for the professional
treatment of some of the lambs who were profoundly wounded,
-having been spiritually betrayed, by a given prelate,
as they were surely betrayed by rogue clerics.

Pride really does come before a fall.
For an individual, as well as an institution.
The ‘triumphalism,’ occassionally encountered, has been justly deflated.

This is a mercy, extended by God Himself.


The purpose of the thread is to show our Protestant brethren that they should remove the plank in their own eye before pointing out the speck in ours.

There are 400,000+ priest worldwide, Harpazo, and most of them are very fine men.

But you wouldn’t know that to read the incessant comments in these forums…

So noone should mention the worldwide sex abuse scandal and coverup to the hightest level in the catholic chuch, because protestants have clergy that also abuse children :confused:

There are 400,000+ priest worldwide, Harpazo, and most of them are very fine men.


But you wouldn’t know that to read the incessant comments in these forums…

Well, thanks to the OP, we’re off again :rolleyes:

I would think that time might better be spent - by
Roman Catholics - cleaning out their own Augean stable,
before attempting to instruct other Christian bretheren
on any topic, whatsoever.

And while the cleansing is taking place, one might
offer a prayer for those youngsters who have been
viciously wounded by wolves - posing as shepherds.

The assumption seems to be that the rest of the world
does not understand that this wounding was done by
a handful of priests.

The rest of the world does understand.

What the rest of the world does not understand
is how this could have continued to happen - as
a given chief shepherd abandoned his prime function.
Protecting the lambs of his flock.


I believe you have read enough and been around long enough to know the purpose is for the OP to get attention.
From their prior history, the title designed to enflame, and so forth…you know.
To clearly state my view as well, of course most Priests and Protestant ministers are wonderful and committed individuals and all forms of abuse is abhorant to Christianity and provides more foder for the nonbelievers to rejoice then it does for fellow believers to beat each other over the head.
On a positive note, I do see a source :smiley:
Progress indeed;)

Didn’t most of the molestations committed by Roman Catholic priests involve children? Maybe I don’t remember this accurately but I don’t recall the scandal centering on priests having afairs (adulterous or not) with adult women but certainly remember the scores of charges against perveted priests who couldn’t keep their hands of the children in their parish.

Thank you for bringing this up again.

Another reckless attention seeking drive-by posting on an otherwise quiet Saturday evening :rolleyes:


Sadly yes :frowning:

We have a case here that a protstant preacher rape three boys and did not make the paper fron 2 weeks because he was also on the city board

Where is that Bill?

Chalotte, Nc

How is the profound damage done to those youngsters mitigated -
in any way - by directing attention to similar behavior
by clergy in other Christian churches?

There is a term employed, in the treatment of those enduring
post-traumatic stress disorder ----> ‘triggers.’

The term ‘trigger’ is also employed - in addressing the psychological damage done
to youngsters who have been abused.

Triggers may instantly create a ‘flashback’ to what was experienced, at the time of the abuse -
flashbacks triggered by outside stimului [sound, color, location, scents -
the list of triggers may be quite extensive.]

A Roman collar, the uniform black suit, and [God help us] the title "Father,"
may ever constitute triggers, for some of these wounded youngsters.

At least many ministers are not garbed in black suits and Roman collars,
which garb and collar may well create distinct and shocking triggers, for the surviors of
the abusive behavior of a handful of RC clerics.

I hardly think that the term ‘pastor’ or ‘minister’ equates with “Father” -
when considering possible damage done - in terms of the myriad triggers created.

Possibly only those who experience triggers and flashbacks can
adequately describe the overwhelming pain endured, when these occur.

The ‘he did it, too’ approach I find considerably wanting.

The focus, in this matter, is best kept on relieving the suffering that
may well be lifelong, for some of these lambs who encountered wolves.


The scandal? Yes, mainly it as about molestation of children. There are few instances too where priests were having affair, not so much adultery but consensus affair with another women. Remember priests are celibate. Any scandals of sexual nature are always scandalous. This is always very sad for everybody and priests particularly need our prayers and compassion. For Catholicism, this year is the year dedicate for our priests. Vocation is dwindling and those remaining need all the prayers and encouragement from the faithfuls.

Of course having said that, it is never to equate the small number of priests that do this with the practice of all priests. What is the percentage of such priests? Maybe less than 1 percent. A few popes, the number can be counted by the fingers of your hand were bad but similarly nearly all popes were holy servants of God.

God bless.

As Christian institution it is always difficult to decide what action to be taken against sinners, priests committing pedophilia included. The Church is not your normal court and so secular punishment is out of the question not to mention that the Church would never agree with some aspects of it.

There are few propositions that we can think of: excommunication, suspension or allow them to repent. What would Jesus have done? Transferring guilty or suspected priests to another parish is more compassionate in the hope that after being advised and counseled they would repent of their sin and stop the practices. To excommunicate them would tantamount to condemn them and it seems against the principle of a forgiving church, remembering that God hates only the sin and not the sinners. In any case, like I said, there is never one action taken that would be 100 percent without foolproof. That’s why when such scandal happens it always hurt the whole body. But OTOH the world is watching how the church would address it.

God bless you.

The difference is, that this man has been charged. No abusers in the CC in Ireland were - . And this man had no Pope to help him escape punishment. Unlike Cardinal Law, who is still a priest in good standing - far more, indeed. He’s still a cardinal. :mad:

The vicious sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual devastation inflicted upon these children was not accidental. It was systemic. It was part of the everyday life and indeed deeply ingrained in the very culture of the childcare system in Catholic Ireland.

The intellects and emotions of decent people, of committed Christians and especially of devoted Catholics cannot truly process the unbelievable reality presented in this report. The sadistic world of these institutions is not that of some crazed secular dictatorship. It is not the world of an uncivilized tribal culture that ravaged the weak in ages long past. This report describes a world created and sustained by the Roman Catholic Church. The horrors inflicted on these helpless, trapped children – rapes, beatings, molestation, starvation, isolation – all were inflicted by men and women who had vowed themselves to the service of people in the name of Christ’s love.

The report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is not unique though it may well be the most shocking example of the reality of such a culture of evil. In the past two decades over two dozen reports have described physical and sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults by Catholic clergy and religious. Among the more shocking have been a series of reports submitted to the Vatican between 1994 and 1998 revealing [/FONT]sexual exploitation of religious women in Africa by African priests. These reports remained largely unknown until they were brought to light by the National Catholic Reporter in 2001. Other reports have opened the doors to the secret world of clergy sexual abuse in the U.S. and elsewhere. The report of the Winter Commission about rampant sexual abuse at Mount Cashel, the Christian Brothers orphanage in Newfoundland and the report of the Philadelphia Grand Jury investigation stand out as examples not only of the depravity but of the institutionalized cover-up.
[/LIST]So much for them. They should be put up against a wall and shot, every last one.
* This happens in the US and elsewhere **than the US - it points to something very sick in your foul religion. And “business as usual” is not going to cure it; it will merely ensure a recurrence of the same depravity. Just as failure to do anything after the arrest of Gilbert Gauthe in 1984, ensured the rottenness that was exposed in 2002. There may be a more criminal & corrupt and corrupting religion than Catholicism, but I can’t imagine which.

As for other Churches, attacking them is simply an argument for rejecting Christianity in** every** form, since according to you they are even worse. I don’t know Catholics were in favour of spreading cynicism and unbelief. :mad:

Maybe I’m wrong. Someone tell me I’m wrong. It seems to me all good Christians feel a sense of shame and betrayal when our clergy act in such improper, sinful ways. Perhaps we would better spend our time praying for the Holy Spirit’s comforting of the victims, praying for the reconciliation of the perpetrators to Christ, and the healing of our various communions when these things happen.


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