30 officers hurt in Philadelphia amid looting

Well folks, they’re at it again

If police would just stop killing blacks this would not be a problem.

If people didn’t retain weapons after being told to drop them they wouldn’t be shot.


Sometimes people don’t comply for mental health reasons. They should not be killed just for mental illness. No one’s life was in imminent danger, as I as sure the body can video will show.

He was advancing on the officers with a knife in hand while their guns were drawn. Regardless of anything else, he played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.


In other words, the Biden voters are at it again.


If people did not vote the Democrats into office, this wouldn’t be a problem. Fixed it.


So, no one’s life was in imminent danger, as I said.

The linked article was about the looting/rioting.

Here’s another article from the same source about the original incident:


A viral video captured a chaotic scene in West Philadelphia as a man, who investigators say was armed with a knife, approached police while his mother tried desperately to stop him moments before the officers opened fire and killed him.

Police said they were called to Locust and South 61st streets shortly before 5 p.m. Monday for a report of a man with a weapon. When they arrived they say they found a man, later identified as 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., who was holding a knife.

Police said they repeatedly told Wallace to drop the knife but he wouldn’t listen. They then opened fire, shooting him multiple times before taking him to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

“Officers ordered him several times to drop the weapon,” Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp said. “He did not do so.”

Not to make light of it, but “Bad things happen in Philly” just popped into my head.


What about the shooting that triggered the violence? That surely deserves attention?

I know; I linked an article about the shooting.

If someone is advancing on me with a weapon in hand I’m shooting them. I expect police to do the same.


I will share a few ideas here, some from the cops’ point of view and the other from the view of a suspect…

  1. A buddy of mine happens to be black. And he has been pulled over for driving an expensive car and stopped for being in the “wrong” neighborhood. He was aware in both cases that he was treated unfairly. But he was never beat up, shot or killed by police. Do you know why? He tells me, in every case, he stopped if an officer said stop and put his hands up if an officer said to put his hands up. He never attacked an officer. And he never reached into a pocket, drew a weapon or looked for his wallet under his seat while an officer shouted “Hands up!” He is a very smart guy with graduate degrees. And he is sad whenever someone is shot because they ignored a police officer’s instructions- white or black.

  2. I’ve been lied to by cops, intimidated and falsely arrested. I am white. It was not a black and white thing, just a law enforcement and stupid guy (me!) thing.

  3. Forget what you may have learned from Hollywood… A cop with his heart racing, trying to consider the safety of himself and partner, as well as civilians around him, does NOT have the luxury of shooting someone’s hand or waiting until a suspect is two feet away before reacting. The fact is, one must aim at “center mass” to hit a target under stress and with little time to act. Also, studies show that you must take action before a suspect gets within about 10 feet of you- in those last few feet, is a blur about a second long, in which you have lost your options. If you’ve never been attacked and/or never done any shooting, you really can’t speak with any authority about such details.

So, the way I figure it, you can repeat unhelpful, hateful lies whenever an apparently innocent person is shot by police or you can look into the topic a little more and hope that honest so-called community leaders would stop yelling racism and start educating young people how to safely, and respectfully, handle interaction with law enforcement.

Do you honestly think that a cop who is forced to take a life, black or white, goes home and celebrates? I assure you, he does not.



The available footage appears to show the man with a knife running at two officers, who already had their guns drawn and yelling for him to back up. He appears to be pretty close range to them when they shoe. If you do that to police officers, the expected outcome is exactly what happened.

And of course there is the usual person asking why police didn’t just shoot him in the leg. That’s not what police are trained to do; if you’re that big a threat that they need to use deadly force, they will shoot at the largest part of your body in order to have the best chance of neutralizing the threat which is you.

As for “what triggered the looting”, people don’t need much excuse to go grab some free stuff. If they figure they can get away with it, they’ll go for it.


Shooting in the leg is a smaller target, I had it explained to me… especially if someone is attacking you which seems to be the case here. Shooting in the leg does not seem to be effective and there is also a risk of ricochets, going off and hitting someone else.


Not to mention aiming at and hitting a moving leg is near impossible. Much higher chance of missing completely and that bullet skipping off the asphalt and then going God knows where and potentially hitting a bystander.

And even if the cops did aim at and hit someone in the leg, bleeding out in seconds due to a severed femoral artery is still a very real thing.



I’m listening to a conservative talk show right now and the host is saying something similar.

When the police say “drop the knife,” you drop the knife.

The host I’m listening to just said something like that, too, even referencing Hollywood.

"But . . . but . . . they could have tased him . . . they could have shot him in the leg . . . "

Or, a variation of that, "the cop shot him from 10 feet away; he was supposed to wait until he was 6 feet away . . . "

Look, when somebody’s charging a police officer, the officer’s life may be on the line. Or somebody else’s life may be on the line.

And the host is also speculating that these recent events might turn the state for Trump (and with it the election).

Somebody might say to themself that they don’t like Trump, but at least he supports the police and not the looters and rioters.



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There’s been more than a few officers knifed even with their gun drawn because they hesitated. Knives can penetrate some body armor and not everyone collapses immediately after being shot. Some people will continue to attack.

A buddy of mine almost got shot over the weekend because he was meeting someone at a bar. Somebody backed into his trailer and before he knew it, they had a gun pointed at him. He’s very fortunate they fled. Had he been carrying, he would’ve been completely justified to shoot.

Not only is it harder and a shot could ricochet but you could still hit someone’s Femoral artery and end up killing them anyways :neutral_face:

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