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Very interesting! I was in school to be a social worker, but I quit school to work while my husband finished his degrees. When I quit, I worked in residential homes for the developmentally disabled. I wish you luck in school!

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I’m so lazy. We’re online this semester but I still don’t want to attend this 3 hour long lecture on zoom. Is there a patron saint for procrastinators?

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Saint Expediate


Thank you! Time to add another medal to my necklace

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We should start a thread for procrastinators…tomorrow, I’ll start it tomorrow.


Here is a “millennial question of the day” to keep the chat going.

What do you value more, owning a home or renting/living with parents to enable travel? I think @ksb1020 already answered this one in his first post.

For my husband and I we always wanted to own a home. We didn’t travel much before kids but may do more domestic travel now that we have kids. I haven’t flown since before 9/11 and I don’t know if I ever will again so that limits our options. Are there still transatlantic voyages? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t have the money to live on my own or travel so I’m out. :crazy_face:

Broke is also an answer. I should have included that one.

Any other millennials with weird sleeping schedules?

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Yes, but not by my choice. Small tyrants dictate when I am allowed to sleep…

You’re haunted by garden gnomes, too? :astonished:


I haven’t owned a home, I rent for now, but I haven’t traveled much either.

Also, hello fellow millennials!

@Godservant Hello! Thank you for joining the chat thread! :wave:

I will try to think of better, less stereotypical questions to keep the chat interesting, please feel free to jump in with questions too. This is a thread democracy, not a dictatorship.


Do you have a favorite mass/feast day?

Mine is the Easter vigil mass. I love the fire outside before the mass, the chant of the very old prayer, the name which now escapes me, at the beginning of mass, the million readings, and the candidates for baptism and confirmation from RCIA. I am looking forward to attending it again once my kids are old enough to handle a mass that long.

Close second is good Friday service. I may be mistaken, but I thought this was not considered a mass because they do not consecrate the eucharist. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Midnight Mass on Christmas for me

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I’m still getting used to being Catholic so every feastday is still so new to me that none of them have settled out yet into the average experience of what each one is like. I think I need a few more years to start to feel the pattern.

I will say though, I’ve had a memorable St. Joseph’s Day. And I celebrated the Feast of the Assumption this year after the Dormition Fast.

Basically any feast that follows fasting, I extra appreciate.

But I’d like to start developing more personal traditions around them and making sure to mark them more socially. As a single person living alone (and now with Covid) it can be too easy to let important days sort of drift by unmemorably.

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dormition fast? Are you Eastern Rite

No, I’m Roman rite but had a personal reason to want to honour the Dormition of Mary this year.

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That’s cool! I wish we still had the old fasting rules in the Latin Rite. I mean, we can still choose to follow the old rules, but still.

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