30 Years ago...


30 years ago a movie premiered that altered HISTORY…


Yes it was 30 years ago and movies have never been the same since then.

I didn’t go to see Star Wars on the opening night but later in August and I can still remember some of the scenes to this day. I was 7 years old when it debuted.

What are your memories of this?..


30 years ago, huh? I didn’t go on the opening day either, but went maybe about a week later since everyone was talkiing about it. I was 10 and went with my friend Nancy who was 13. We had to wait in a long, long line just to get tickets and then wait a long time to make sure we got good seats. That was the first time I had ever had that experience.

I remember loving it because it was so different, exciting and real. I came home and raved about it my family, then went and saw it again the next day with my mom and sister.

I remember some of my friends had cable tv, HBO, which was called HoBo then. We were sure that Star Wars was such an amazing movie that it would never end up on TV, even HoBo.


I went to Star Wars when it opened. I (don’t hate me) fell asleep:sleep: .
I watched it twenty years later with my husband, and loved it:D .
Today, our 14 year-old is a total Star Wars-and-Trek freak :bowdown: , and she’s indoctrinated our 10 year-old as well :bowdown: :bowdown: .
So there ya go - some of us are just late-bloomers, I guess.:wave:


I was only 8. wow.:eek:

To think…SW is still going strong with this generation of youth, now, too!


I saw Stars Wars a week after it opened. I was 7 at the time too. It was the biggest thing that happened for all of the kids in my class in school. For my 8th birthday, I got some Star Wars action figures. Then, in the 3rd grade, I collected more; my teacher even got me a carrying case to put them in. I got the Star Wars trading cards, Star Wars books, and even a Star Wars watch (no lunchbox, since I went home for lunch). I continued my love of all things Star Wars for all three of the original trilogy movies.

When the original was re-released in theatres for the anniversary, I went back on opening night to see it. It had not lost any of its magic. I still consider Star Wars to be my favourite movie of all time.

I did see the three prequels in the series, but they left me cold. They definitely do not hold a candle to the originals.


I was 12 when Star Wars opened. I saw it 2 or 3 times and thought it was the best movie ever made.

I remember telling my parents I wished there was a way to have a copy of the movie so I could watch it again at home.

Sigh. If only I had the technical ability to invent the VCR.


I was 14 when Star Wars came out. One of things that I remember so distinctly about this movie was the opening scene when the star cruiser moved into view, not as a shot looking at it, but as it passed above the ‘camera’. I remember thinking, “oh my gosh!!” as the ship grew larger and larger…

To this day, I’m a big Star Wars fan!


I was 11 and I went with my mother. I loved it. I still like Star Wars, after all these years.


My kids, along with everyone else, wore SW costumes for halloween that year, ours were homemade, but I was especially proud of our Chewbacca. My kids have all the movies on VHS and the new DVD, our grandkids know every word of all the dialogue in all the movies (in fact I have posted elsewhere about grand-daughters confusion on theological issues based on her early SW indoctrination). They are big trek fans, all versions, but I never glommed onto the Patrick Stewart crowd. DD and her hubby have a huge SW collection and sell on e-bay whenever they need to raise cash. She says collection is worth more than the house but I wouldn’t know.


For some reason, I never cared for Star Trek (any of the versions), but I always loved Star Wars.


I did go on opening day. I got dragged along by a group of friends. We stood in line for over two hours and the only seats we could get were in the third row. I had no previous idea as to what the movie would be about. Needless to say, I was blown away.


I was 9 years old when I saw it shortly after it was released with my mother and a friend. We loved it also, it was a memorable experience. Hard to believe it has been thirty years already.


It was my first date with my husband.


Oh, how cool! :smiley:


I was still in Japan on my last overseas USAF assignment. I didn’t get back stateside until 4/1978. Ran into an acquaintance, got to talking about things, and he found out I hadn’t seen it yet. So he kidnapped me and we went into D.C., where it was still running in a theater. It didn’t exactly change my world (I was in my early 30s at the time), but I did recognise it as a new step in movie-making and cinematic story-telling.

And yes, the “prequels” were very ordinary in comparison.

Side note: while walking from where my friend parked his car to the theater, we passed a Radio Shack. In the window there was a Commodore 64 playing an animated stick figure program that had been recorded on a cassette tape.



Loved it! I saw it with a crowd of college students and we all cheered when the faster than light drive kicked in. I watched it again and again and loved it to death. I still love the first three movies in the series.

Now the other three…I dunno - George Lucas has a wonderful imagination, but he can’t write dialogue worth speaking.


I saw it on opening night; I was 16 at the time. My oldest sister was there with my 10-year old niece and my 7-year old nephew. He was so exicted that he threw up all over the floor about 10 minutes into the movie, and my sister had to take him home.

So, as a compensation prize, we all went back up and watched it the next night. :slight_smile:


:rotfl: I was seven when I saw it, and I did not get sick then or any other time in a theatre.

So, as a compensation prize, we all went back up and watched it the next night. :slight_smile:

Did your nephew enjoy it?


I was 10.

The only movie I was ever allowed to go see twice! (in the days before vcrs and dvds, of course)!

FWIW, I went to see Episode Three three times - on my own dollar, of course, and not mom and dad’s!



I didn’t see Star Wars the first week it opened but I think it must have been some time in June or July. My friend and I hadn’t really planned to see that particular movie. We just kind of decided when we got to the theaters that it seemed to be popular and we’d see what the fuss was about.

I think the thing that impressed me most was hearing Star Wars. When that battle cruiser went overhead at the beginning the sound moved with it!

I was so impressed that I came back a few days later with my younger siblings and some of their friends. Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit in the middle of the theater like I did the first time.

My kids, particularly my 17 year old daughter, have always loved Star Wars too.

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