33 same sex and opposite sex marriages during the Grammy's



I don’t want to get all “conspiracy theory” up in here, but what’s with 33 at all the major events recently? Remember the 33 minute blackout at the Super Bowl? usatoday.com/story/gameon/2013/02/03/superdome-black-out-super-bowl-xlvii/1889009/


This is so disgusting. When is society going to wake up to the gravely immoral mess we have gotten ourselves in to?


I remember when the Grammys were elegant and classy. And about music. :frowning:


They don’t think that it is an immoral mess. They think everything is just fine the way it is.

I have news for you, it is going to get worse before it gets any better. You haven’t seen anything yet.


I have seen a couple of people comment that it just trivialised marriage. Apparantly none of those couples even got married, it was just for show.

‘Same Love’ ain’t about love


I really haven’t seen anything yet, because I don’t watch the grammys. :smiley:

Even if I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t know much of the artists or songs. I prefer to listen to classical music, Christian music, and folk music. And by Christian music, I’m not talking the popular kind that uses electricity. The traditional kind that could be played in a Catholic Mass.

You are right though, it’s going to get worse. I would encourage Catholics not to listen to modern secular music. Its just one less way the world can influence you. :twocents:


Well stated.


The entertainment industry, particularly the music industry, is full of Freemason or what is called the Illuminati symbolism. Symbols such as certain numbers, pentagrams, crosses, pyramids, and hidden eyes are everywhere. Since an essential aspect of the industry is a carefully crafted image there is no way this is by accident. What it means I can’t say I know. Some will say they do this as a kind of mockery because the popular culture has created the idea that the industry does push such images. But even if that is so the symbols had to come first so the people could notice them and develop such a theory. Personally I think the symbolism is occultic and demonic.

I’m not sure about the blackout, but the number of people to get married was certainly planned. I’d be interested to know their explanation for how they arrived at that number. Was 30 just not quite enough?


It was a way to spite Christians.


Do they really have such evil intentions towards Christianity? Where does all this come from?


It came off as a rather cultish affair, much like Reverend Sun Moon and the Unification Church of South Korea.

It was a very leftist affair, or as they say in French, tres gauche.


maybe in a few years, they will start showing polygamous “marriages”. :smiley:


I don’t think that there is any further than society can go down that slippery slope.
With the Grammy ceremony, we have already arrived. Polygamous marriages are just a technicality now.


There is nothing amusing about any of this.


Of course there is! In less than twenty years, you will have pedophilia recognized. There are other perversions just waiting in the wings as well.

These will be the good old days. I am just glad that I am already old and won’t live long enough to see the worst of it.


The culture of death continues to advance and the people stand on the side and cheer it on.


Wouldn’t surprise me. Think once so-called gay “marriage” is legal that all the activists will just hang up their hats and go home?

Some folks in Canada are already pushing for pedophilia to be a “sexual orientation”.


About eight or so years ago, in our local propaganda sheet, there was a letter in the editorial section calling for acceptance of them. It was undoubtedly a trial run letter testing the local reaction.

If you had told anyone forty-five years ago that we would have what we have today, they would have had you committed to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation for sure, so horrifying and out of the question the idea of such things were to us back then.


This is one of my fears…when my children are grown, there will be no goodness left.


Christ came to give us peace in this life as well as the next. Fear not!

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