3801 Lancaster

On November 10th a powerful documentary on the person of Kermit Gosnell, the atrocities committed at his clinic and the repercussions with regard to how abortion is treated and viewed by American and modern western culture, will be released.

The documentary is called 3801 Lancaster.

Website: 3801lancaster.com

It will be availbale for private, community and theatrical screenings from that day forward.

An interview with the producer, David Altrogge, was featured on the Eric Metaxas radio show yesterday.



Trailer and additional videos are available here:


It would seem that the events surrounding the Gosnell case put to lie claims by abortion supporters that legalizing abortion will make abortion safe for women. Over the span of the twenty years Gosnell’s clinic remained open, it appears that “back alley” abortions would have difficulty competing with this “safe” clinic with regards to their practices. This clinic operated for twenty years under the “watchful” eye of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania health authorities who never once inspected it.

Moves by pro-abortionists to fight legislation that will place minimal standards on abortion clinics also seem hypocritical if the health of women truly is the main concern of these clinics.

Please share information on this documentary far and wide so that as many people as possible see it.

Unfortunately the people who need to see it…won’t. :frowning:

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