3D Movies & The Passion of the Christ

More and more movies are being made in 3D. Not the red and green 3D but something called RealD. I once saw something similar when I was around 8 years old, and I wondered if I would ever see anything like that ever again. The images actually come out to you, right in front of your face. It’s amazing…

The Passion of the Christ is one of my favorite movies. Even without being in 3D format, the movie still helps people to better realize the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. I can’t imagine how many people were moved more deeply toward Jesus or even came to realize that the same Savior that suffered so much, is their Savior too.

What I mean to say, is that The Passion of the Christ movie was amazing just as it was.

But what if it was in 3D? NOT as a form of “entertainment”, most certainly not. But that the 3D could be used as a respectful tool of evangelization or help with contemplation on the most serious act of LOVE in all the universe…

Other movies, even more than a decade old, are being re-released in 3D. So perhaps it is possible that the Passion of the Christ could be re-released to theaters one Easter season in 3D, again, respectfully. What do you think? Would you like it if Mel Gibson did that?

What would it being 3D add?

Good question…

I guess it’s really a matter of personal taste but for me a 3D release would be in poor taste and press the envelope of sensationalism. I though the violence of the movie was over the top and a bit of a distraction as it was. Some insincere people went to the movie just for the blood and some good people stayed away because of the R rated violence.

I don’t know, It just seems to me that a commerical movie house wasn’t the right place to experience such a moving film anyway. I was really distracted by the two women who set in front of me and talked through the whole movie while munching on popcorn and candy.

If Gibson really made the movie as a statement of faith he should have made it available to churches and Christian groups at a reasonable rate and not released it in theaters at all. Of course he would have lost millions but he could have afforded to loose millions.

IMAX? Yes. Standard 3D? No.

I agree, although I think it was fine for the movie to be released in theaters, because it could reach more people that way. The popcorn thing is troubling, I do agree.

Exactly. Remastering the film for IMAX (which is basically just printing it on bigger filmstock) would be awesome. However, there’s no way they could do it in 3D, because that would require them to reshoot the whole movie, using different kinds of cameras, etc, which would be pricy to say the least. That and after all the stuff he went through filming the movie – getting hit by lightning during filming of the Crucifixion scene, getting accidentally hit with the flogger during the scourging (which has left a permanent scar on his back), to say nothing of the agony of all the prosthetic make up (fake wounds, fake blood, etc) he had to wear all over his body and which took hours to apply and take off every single day – I doubt Jim Caviezel would want to repeat the role.

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