3rd graders asked to help with sex-change


Just to clafiry, this student is not having a “sex change.” Sex change operations only happen to adults who have had extensive therapy and have decided they wish to alter their bodies. It seems to me all this student is “changing” is what she wears and what name she prefers to use.

This issue has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. Nobody is being sexualized at all. It has to do with gender, which is an entirely separate thing. This student has a recognized medical issue whereby her gender and her sex do not match up. Biologically, she is a male, but socially and emotionally she is a female. People who have this disorder usually opt to go with what gender they are - what they are socially and emotionally. Some people later in life opt to have surgery, but not all. Nine does seem a little young to transition, but as far as I know the child probably insisted to be referred to by a female name and with female pronouns. Children as young as three have been reported to do this. For many children it’s a phase, but in order for doctors and guidance counselors to be involved it must have been going on for years.

“Sex” is what parts you have, and “sexuality” is what you do with those parts. Hopefully nine year olds are doing nothing with them, since they are third graders! However, third graders clearly know what gender is because they all have gender and there seems to be nothing wrong with explaining what gender is.

The students are being asked to refer to the child as a different name and to refrain from teasing her. I’m not sure kids need a school-wide meeting to know that teasing is wrong, since most good parents I know teach their kids that teasing is wrong, but I guess it’s a difficult situation to handle. I think it’s very strange that the school did not have a meeting for the parents at the school, so that they could maybe talk to their kids about the subject on their own. I’m sure kids COULD refuse to use this student’s “new” name, but the child will perhaps make the decision not to answer to that name anymore. So if some students feel uncomfortable referring to her by her chosen name, they simply will not be able to talk to her.

“This student has a recognized medical issue whereby her gender and her sex do not match up.”

Recognized by who?


It seems that this website has simply copied the text of the DSM IV, the criteria by which psychologists and psychiatrists diagnose mental health issues.

And as far as co-morbitity with other issues, it must suck to have GID:

"Associated descriptive features and mental disorders.
Many individuals with Gender Identity Disorder become socially isolated. Isolation and ostracism contribute to low self esteem and may lead to school aversion or dropping out of school. Peer ostracism and teasing are especially common sequelae for boys with the disorder. Boys with Gender Identity Disorder often show marked feminine mannerisms and speech patterns.

The disturbance can be so pervasive that the mental lives of some individuals revolve only around those activities that lessen gender distress. they are often preoccupied with appearance, especially early in the transition to living in the opposite sex role. Relationships with one or both parents also may be seriously impaired. Some males with Gender Identity Disorder resort to self-treatment with hormones and may very rarely perform their own castration or penectomy. especially in urban centers, some males with the disorder may engage in prostitution, which places them at a high risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Suicide attempts and Substance-Related Disorders are commonly associated.

Children with Gender Identity Disorder may manifest coexisting Separation Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and symptoms of depression. Adolescents are particularly at risk for depression and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. In adults, anxiety and depressive symptoms may be present."

I can understand why, if the child had been diagnosed with this disorder, the parents and school would be trying to do SOMETHING to help this child feel better! I’m sure she didn’t choose to feel this way!

The solution is absurd.

We have a student with a Psychological disorder so lets disorder our society to accomodate that student.

When the normal treat ment is personal and family counseling.webmd.com/sex/gender-identity-disorder?page=2

p.s. So far he is still a boy…

A Pennsylvania elementary school has angered parents by giving them one-day’s notice of planned counseling sessions with 100 third-grade students to explain that one of their male classmates would soon begin wearing girls’ clothing and taking a female name and to ask that they accept him as a girl and not make unkind remarks.

So I guess HE is going to be allowed in the GIRL’S bathroom? I’m sorry to tell him but regardless of how much surgery he may have in the future he will always be a boy. You can not change DNA. Cutting off a couple of parts and taking a some pills will not change who he is. He has a pyschological disorder and it needs to be properly dealt with. Allowing him to continue on in his confusion will not help.

What next? Are people going to start demanding surgery to change their species because they feel they are actually a cat, dog, horse etc. trapped in a human body?

The difference is, I have never heard anyone say they identify as an animal, so your point doesn’t really make sense. And as I have evidenced above, there are many people who have a disorder whereby they feel they were born into the wrong gender.

Also, it is common practice to identify transgendered people using the pronouns attributed to the “new” gender. Even if you think someone’s gender cannot be changed, it seems just to be respectful and not all that out-of-the-way to call people what they wish to be called in terms of pronouns. And don’t start again on your cat-and-dog business. There are only two commonly used sets of pronouns. He/him/his and she/her/hers.

Common for who? You, maybe but not everyone. We had a big thread on this a while back on the pregnant woman who thinks she is a man. Many in that thread called her by her correct pronoun.

If you are born a girl that is who you are. If you are born a boy that is who you are. The fact is the school is asking these students to pretend that this boy is a girl. Of course the kids are not going to make that big of a deal out of that. Pretending is a natural part of childhood. But eventually the pretending will need to stop. Instead of trying to help this boy deal with his problem they are simply allowing him to immerse himself in it.

I find it sad that these people are so confused that they deny a very fundamental part of what makes them who they are. Regardless of who this boy thinks he is, the fact is he is a boy. He needs help in learning to accept that very fundamental fact.

I was raised as a boy, and constantly insisted that I was a girl. I was forced into therapy, testosterone injections, forced into activities that I didn’t like, forced to burn things the color pink, forced into clothing I didn’t want or like.

What was the result of trying to cure me and make me a boy? I tried to hang myself with my belt from my bunkbed at the age of 8. I was found before I died, thankfully.

Then when I was an adult I found out I was intersexed and had the chromosomes of both male and female types.

Don’t be so sure about what is male and what is female.

Sabda thanks for injecting common sense into this thread…

I found it! It’s called S.I.D.

Species Identity Disorder.flickr.com/photos/berbera/263980246/:dancing: :doh2:

Sabda, common among mental health professionals and trans people themselves. Believe me, being transgendered isn’t all “fun and games” or “pretend”; someone with whom I attend school is transgendered, and though I do not know him well, during his life as a girl he was suicidal and wished every day he were in a different body. Since transitioning (with the help of a number of wonderful licensed doctors and mental health professionals,) this person is now happier and more well-adjusted.

The law in many states recognizes that people who transition to another gender can change their gender. On their drivers license, ID, taxes, etc. It’s not really so much a “social” or “moral” issue so much as an evolution as the mental health profession learns more about a disease. There always seem to be these sort of in-between periods when not much is known about a certain way of being born and everything but what it is is blamed. For example, people with autism used to be called “idiot savants” or “retards” and their condition was blamed on poor upbringing. Now we know it has nothing to do with parenting and have different terms we use to describe these people.

Cathering to the disorder will never solve the disorder.

As far as I can tell, it can’t really be “solved,” as in, trans people who are born women will never be happy being women.

Considering the fact that they have no clue as to what causes this you can not say that this is about evolution. Did you read the entire Webmed article about this that was linked above, in particular the paragraph below? It was on the first page.

What Causes Gender Identity Disorder?
The exact cause of gender identity disorder is not known, but several theories exist. These theories suggest that the disorder may be caused by genetic (chromosomal) abnormalities, hormone imbalances during fetal and childhood development, defects in normal human bonding and child rearing, or a combination of these factors.

As the old saying goes “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

No it can not be “solved” but there are a lot of disorders and conditions that can not be solved. That does not mean that they should give into the disorder. They need to learn more about it so they can learn to cure/control it.

However, as was stated in the post above by Pathia you are going to run into the problem of people who simply do not want treatment. In cases like that you can not help someone who does not want help. That still does not mean you should cater to the disorder. The disorder still needs to be treated.

If you are intersexed, does that mean you have neither male nor female genitals, per se? That is, that developmentally, they appear to be neither while simultaneously appearing to be both?

My genitals were surgically constructed to look very much like one sex and not the other. It is my internal genetic structure and original structure that was ambiguous. They left my male parts and excised all the female tissue from me in my case.

Until recently it was deemed to do surgery as soon as possible and assign a gender and go forward without ever mentioning anything to the child at all, as ignorance is bliss…or something,

No one told me any of this, it was taboo, even when I started acting and stating I was female, I did not find out until I turned 18 and had some medical tests done and got my old hospital records.

Yes, I have heard that the only treatment which has been proven effective is treatment with cross-sex hormones (and probably surgery) which can then allow the transsexual to change their life around.

Varies from person to person. Gender reassignment surgery is nowhere near perfected, especially for a female-to-male transition. That scares a lot of people off, as does the expense (and insurance providers tend not to cover it). I don’t have any statistics, but many stop at hormone replacement therapy and are happy enough being able to function socially in their actual genders that they don’t feel a need to get that last little detail in.

Anyway, I’m glad the child in question was able to start things early. It’ll make things a lot easier for her down the line. I’m kinda torn on the mailing thing – on the one hand, I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business except the one family’s; on the other, the rest of the class is getting a birds-and-bees talk, and their parents have a right to know about that. The one-day warning is uncool, but for all the article says it’s just as likely to be a post office screwup as it is anything else. Ah, WorldNetDaily, bastion of responsible, articulate, balanced journalism.

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