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Hi all, it’s been a long time since writing.
For those of you who know me it will be accepted into the 3rd order of the secular Carmelites. It has been a long prayerful time and much rewards there to.
to live the “Little way” has it’s rewards and trials since it turns your life from thinking worldly to spiritually in the sence of wanting to denigh the flesh as much as possible. To build up the spirit is not easy since every day the flesh is in front of you, but the spirit is pulling you from it and you find yourself praying words that only your spirit of God in you would or could ever do.
I have lived this little way for about 28 years but only when the relique of St Therese came to New Zealand did I find a desire and need to go deeper into the little way.

You are welcome to share how you wish should you want to, or question if you wish.



Good to see you here, again! And blessings on joining the third order Carmelites. Let us know how it goes with you there. The third order Carmelites are something to which I’m feeling drawn, also.



Thank you, yes I will keep open to all.
One thing I would like to share is that there are (for me) many trials and tribulations along the way. Just to let youknow how God gives us no more than we can take and is there if we wish to speak to Him, and has gone ahead to prepare the way.

Well I had a time today where I helped my leading hand (30 years younger than I) He seemed to be OK with that, but latter when I helped him again in front of a person his age he told me “now you can f*-- off”. I was shocked since almost every day the same thing happens but not in that way.

So guided by the Holy Spirit, later I got a hot drink for him as he was working by himself and took it on the 4 wheek bike.
Seem like nothing, but the more I turn to God it seems the more satan tries to disuade me.
I relate back to St Therese (little flower) in that these are my roses, and Emily Rose ( from the film) in these times and I always get lifted up in so much peace.
Any way,
God bless


Yes, it makes it seem scary to turn to God and become closer to Him, but “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal Life, and we believe;”


You are right and although, there is another scripture that states that God created mankiind to be faulty so that we would rely on God’s mercy, not our own intuition. This is where the word “mercy” comes in our lives, so that we are led by the spirit NOT flesh.


May I ask you about your discernment and how you knew that He was calling you to the third order of Carmel (as opposed to a third order of another community, another vocation - rather than the laity, etc)?


That is a very good question.
May I start from the top.
I gave my heart to God as “Love” as I knew Him @ 12 years of age.
I told God that He could do with me what He wanted sionce I could not find anything better than “Love” and that since God is love then He couldn’t harm me or let me go through anything that was bad.
Nothing happened I prayed and prayed traveled and @22 got married. there were miricals and God gifted me on many occasions and for what reason I could not tell ou other than He loves me.

It would take a book to write all that has happened and I have many youth still writiing me after helping them.

Then @ about 25 on a retreat in one of our monestries, I asked God for someone to guide me. I told God that there were so many books and that I wanted Him to guide me.

All at once this book called “A retreat with St Therese” stood out and I was struck by it loved it and wanted to love God the same way she did. Later that day in June the middle of our winter I was going to shower and a thought cameto me that I could have a cold shower.I said "Lord i can’t do it but you can. Right there and then the hot water went off and I was having a cold shower in the middle of winter.

But i loved it and tried to follow through on most occasions. For about 8 months Jesus allowed me to have St Therese teach me and at times I could feel her being with me. I have from that time followed the “little way”, which has become a central part of my life, living in self denial.

I found that Love was all I needed, I read the books of many saints and took right, in their ways of self denial, mysticism, and contemplation. Going up to the Carmelite monestry on many occasions, I had found my home and could only kneel in the presence of God when ever I was there. I joined the 3rd order Carmelites, but wanted more than I was getting there, so I started to write to France but that became long wided since they had to get an interpreter.

Some years latter, about 25 when the relicque of St Therese came to New Zealand i didn’t really want to go there for I had her in my heart. But our son who want’s nothing to do with church or god said he wanted me to take him to see it. I took he and another there, and on entering the church building i was literaly pushed over by the power of the spirit there. I knew I had to belong to a group and it is since then that I have joined the group that I now have a home.
I do belong to St. Vincent D"Paul in our church as well.
But my home is in Carmelites.

You are welcome to question all you wish.
My life is so much different to most ans many would frown at what I do or allow God to do with me. But the outcome is always God being glorified, NEVER me.



You’ve shown so much surrender throughout your life! That’s probably where I trip up consistently. St. Therese, with her Little Way of Trust and Confidence has drawn me, since those seem to be what I need, however I don’t seem to be able to act on the Trust and Confidence (I’m not willing, I guess, to fully surrender to Him). Do you think that more small sacrifices might make it easier for me? Did that help you?


They are my jewls my diamonds my gold I cherish every say. They tend me to think towards Jesus and turn away from self thoughts, or thinking of self.

Until next time


Originally posted by littleone
Would you like me to give you some tipps on creating your own denials

Yes, please.


"Jesus does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, or even at their difficulty, ***:dancing::extrahappy:***"
St Therese
Above is the key .
I had a starter in the winter of June about 37 yrs ago,and it was COOOOOOLLLLDDDDD. But after reading the Book of St Therese a thought came to me in the shower that I could turn off the hot water. I said that I couldn’t but thinking it might be Jesus I said that Jesus could. All of a sudden the hot water was cold, I screamed made the sign of the cross with my arms out and said Jesus I did it.
That might seem too hard. Well here are some little ones that no one would see.
you might dress in the dark, or put too much peper on the food, shave with a razer even though it might not be cutting to well, or not have a larther on you when you shave. or instead of wearing the good cloths you would like to, change into not so good clothing, since really it is only Jesus that counts, when others curse you don’t say a word, when someone does you wrong make a point of saying something good about them, or give them something.

I enjoy watching sport and I will at times turn off the sport before it finishes, not knowing what the score might be.

Well there are a few that could help.
remember Thereses words "it is NOT the act but the LOVE of Jesus in doing it.
See your spouse (if you have one) and love Jesus the same way,
Any more help is free to you (or others) any time you think I might be able to help.


Thank you so much. God :blessyou:


What I have writen above is the verb or actions.
Here are the heart reasons in loving Jesus, they relate to the why? and the where from. The BIBLE is the first and main tool that I read time and again, remembering that the bible changes each and every time our heart changes sort of like a fluctuation spong, giving love and taking love wen we need. The bible along with the books of the saints will give us ample food not to leave out other spiritual books we feel inclined to read for edification. I never read, more than I soaked up every word of the life of Jesus reading the new testement at least 4 times one after the other slowly as I could to digest every word, every reason why Jesus did it, what was the reaction response by the spirit in the people and how did it change me.
Next i read
1 Corinth 13: Galations 5 :22, james 3; 5, Matt 5: 1-10.
Soaking up day after day these words wanting to understand how I could make them into actions and I found that nothng was going to be benifical if I didn’t help the poor I chose youth at risk and even today I spend my weekend doing the same.
I realised that Jesus was able to do the will of the Father and for me to become even close to understanding and trying to be like Jesus I denied, or starved the flesh of it’s want. And that is the change of terminology that I worked on, I decided that my flesh “wanted” but my spirit “needed” so self denial works against the flesh want thus the less i give in to the flesh the more ability the spirit is able to build or grow in likeness to god’s will.
Hope that helps.

Keep asking if you wish.


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