3rd order Franciscian


What is a third order Franciscian?




It’s one of many 3rd Orders that follow the spirituality of St.Francis. St.Francis wanted brothers and sisters living in the secular world to be able to follow him without being in the first order (Order Friars Minor (OFM), OFM Capuchin, OFM Conv.) and the Second Order (Poor Clares). It has Rule and Constitutions approved by Rome. There are many Fraternities throughout the USA and the World. I believe its the largest of the 3rd Orders.

Here is the National Fraternity Website -


To be clear, the Franciscans have two different kinds of “Third Orders”

  1. Third Order Regular: for vowed priests, brothers, nuns & sisters (for example: “The Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular” and The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis." Franciscan University of Steubenville is run by Third Order Regular Friars.


  1. What used to be called “Third Order Secular” but is now called “Secular Franciscan Order”

Secular Franciscans are typically lay, though 9 Popes were Secular Franciscans, including St. Pope John XXIII.

You can learn more about Secular Franciscans here:


And you can learn a little bit more about Thrid Orders in general here:


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What does consecrated mean here where it is secular? I understand a priests hands are consecrated and am unsure how a secular non nun or priest would be consecrated?


more akin to a Consecrated Virgin than a priest’s hands


What if a person is married?

I guess I am asking what the term and condition ‘consecrated’ means if not a priest or nun


yes, you can be a married Secular Franciscan.


It means ‘dedicated’ to that particular order, in this case. Anyone can be consecrated, it’s not just for priests and other religious.

Many who post on this group have gone through the formal consecration to Jesus through Mary. Should you desire more information on this, read “33 Days to Morning Glory.”


Living the consecrated life with in the order is quite different what you speak of, not the same as the “33 days to morning glory” and things as such.


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