3rd secret of Fatima

I am currently studying the events of Fatima and found a site, which really puts the story of the 1917 Fatima apparitions into perspective. Once you realize that the witnesses to the apparitions were young children, you can quickly start to imagine the manipulation that might (would) have occurred. Our Lady would not have appeared to 3 innocent children and then frighten them with stories and visions of hell. That is absurd. Although this site is promoting a book (the one Mel Gibson has purchased for film rights) the simple synopsis of the events in Fatima make more sense than anything I have read.


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It is legitimate for Catholics to disbelieve in such apparitions since they aren’t part of the Church’s doctrine. Still, large crowds saw some some very strange things happen in the heavens at the time the children said Mary was to appear, which can’t be accounted for by the credulity of children.
And actually in any such case the local bishop investigates such apparitions thoroughly and decides if something supernatural happened or not. Actually, I don’t remember specifically what the bishop said his investigation into Fatima. Does anyone know what the bishop said?

I’ve studied the Fatima apparitions for some time (I’m Anglican btw) and have come to the personal conclusion that they were genuine. And I remember reading in several sources that the Bishop said that the apparitions were “worthy of belief”. Don’t forget tha these were private revelations and the Catholic Church never makes credence in private revelations mandatory. At the same time if a bishop says that the revelation MAY be accepted or believed by the laity, that’s as far as the Church is going to go and if you feel that it’s genuine, the Church won’t stand in your way.

Just to show you the genuineness of my own belief in the Fatima apparitions - when I say the Rosary, I include the Fatima Prayer after each decade! :slight_smile:

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An Anglican who believes in Fatima? You just might be the first! :smiley:

Not the first by any standards, my brother. Let’s not forget that there is but ONE Christ Jesus our Lord who has only ONE Mother who intercedes for us and mediates graces for us. Now why invalidate an apparition simply because the persons experiencing it are of a different denomination?

I personally know of two Anglican priests who are likewise convinced of Fatima’s reality, and I know twoscore and more fellow Anglican communicants who are sure the Blessed Mother appeared to the shepherd children. And round my neck I wear a blessed Miraculous Medal, because I’m equally certain that St Catherine Laboure’s visions of the Virgin did in fact take place.

I believe in them…There was the miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people…it was in the secular newspaper accounts

There was the huge Aurora that signaled the beginning of WW2 just as profacied…the 2 young children died just Our Lady said they would…Russia did spread their errors…and it was predicted the Pope would be shot, he was on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

redrosetea, here’s a chiller for you: You have the numbers right on the barrelhead when you say about 70,000 people were present to witness the miracle of the sun. BUT - are you aware how many initial deaths there were at Hiroshima?


Yes, I know the actual death total was more than likely about double that, perhaps more. But that number dead straight off makes one think right away of Our Lady’s warnings at fatima, doesn’t it?

An Anglican who believes in Fatima? You just might be the first!

I’ve met several who do.

What a bizarre connection connection to make.

No. The attack on Hiroshima does not really bring the Fatima apparition to my mind. Nor does it do that to anyone I have ver spoken to. Ever. In my entire life.

Besides, no one actually knows what the immediate death toll at Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, was. All such number are conjecture.

Is this why you revived a 2-1/2 year old thread?

I will be happy to tell you why in fact I made an observation on this thread. I have read of Fatima for a number of years. I have also studied some military history and when I read of the estimated initial death figures - which indeed are estimated - of 70,000, I immediately remembered the number of people in the crowd during the miracle of the sun. (The total dead will never be accurately numbered - it surely is more than DOUBLE the number of those killed by the initial blast and radiation.)

You may be interested to know that, being under the impression that this bit of coincidence might indeed cause some to think of the Blessed Mother’s warning, I emailed the World Apostolate of Fatima and brought the information to their attention. They wrote to me, thanked me for having given them that information, and said that indeed it might be the means of reinforcing Mary’s message.

I will also remind you, my brother,that opinions, much like earlobes, are strictly individual and no two persons will have opiniions exactly alike. Certainly I had no intention of upsetting you; I simply presented what information I had for those who might have had an interest in perusing it. And I’ll say, too, that I read old threads. There are so many of them, and it must be terribly easy to miss things, only to find and perhaps appreciate them later.

God bless you.

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