4 Accused In 'Baby Jesus Burning Party' Plot

Depravity abounds:

4 Accused In ‘Baby Jesus Burning Party’ Plot

(Sayreville-AP, January 2, 2006) - Sayreville police say a group of young men stole more than 25 infant Jesus figures from area manger scenes because they were “going to have a baby Jesus burning party.”

Full Story Boredom? I do not think so.

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**If they had the time and the imagination to think up the plan of stealing the area’s baby Jesus’, then they had the time and imagination to think of something else to do.

Of course, none of them are guilty. And that 15 year old? I’m sure his parents will blame the older guys for his behavior and will call for no punishment for him whatsoever.

This will probably be quietly swept under the rug and we will hear no more of it.**

[quote=WanderAimlessly]Depravity abounds:Boredom? I do not think so.


Well I am very familiar with the area that these kids are from…I would not rule boredom out of the question…please note boredom or note** I do not condone this behaviour or the actions!**

We had about a dozen baby Jesuses taken from area manger scenes this past Christmas - luckily they were found in a park football field untampered.

I wonder what is compelling this trend among the young? :confused:

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