4 Bikers Killed in Waco With Gun Type Police Use: AP Report


Four of the nine people killed in a melee between rival biker gangs outside a Texas restaurant were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police, according to evidence obtained by The Associated Press that provides the most insight yet into whether authorities were responsible for any of the deaths and injuries.nbcdfw.com/news/local/4-Bikers-Killed-in-Waco-With-Gun-Type-Police-Use-AP-Report-361591041.html


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. . . specifically, .223-caliber rounds, a caliber that is widely available to civilians. One of the most commonly sold AR-15 packages used .223-caliber rounds. The article states that a number of long guns were confiscated, but it does not state how many, if any, were -15s.


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