4 Dead in Seattle-Area Mall Shooting, Gunman on the Loose, Say Police


A gunman is on the loose after four people were fatally shot Friday night at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of Seattle, Washington State Patrol said.

The shooting occurred at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.

“4 confirmed deceased in the mall, shooter(s) left scene b4 police arrived, unknown # of shooter, possibly just 1, police clearing mall now,” Sgt. Mark Francis, a public information officer with Washington State Patrol tweeted at 8:03 p.m. local time.



On the radio here, authorities have just confirmed the death toll at 5 now.

. . .Praying for the victims and their families. . .


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RT reporting the FBI are investigating this as a possible act of terrorism. Initial report identified the shooter as Hispanic, but looking at surveillance photos, he look’s like he could be Middle Eastern.


Was he shouting anything?


I thought the same thing. :frowning:


This happenew at the mall where I took my daughter for her Santa pics last December. It makes me scared to live anywhere anymore. I thought our area of the world was relatively safe.


I’m sorry but he does look middle eastern. If that is the case then it has just confirmed my belief that we need to protect our own before taking in reugees. Does that make me a terrible person? I guess we don’t know all the facts yet I bUT I have a one year old daughter that I need to protect.


I know what you mean. This is the second mall attack in a week.


The FBI is already saying that there’s no indication that this was an act of terrorism, which seems like a strange comment since the man has not even been identified.


Considering how the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the FBI.


No it doesn’t make you a terrible person.

But the Syrian mother with a 1 year old daughter who fled far worse than anything you will ever have to fear and is stuck in a camp with no hope for the future doesn’t understand why she is considered a threat by you.

I also doubt this man was a refugee. If he was white or hispanic, why would you be less afraid for your daughter?


Praying for all.


It makes you a “deplorable” according to Hillary Clinton.Why would the media come out and mention that the perp looked Hispanic? I guess no problem jumping to that conclusion,just don’t bring up the possibility of that he could be middle eastern.:mad:


Your “area of the world” is relatively safe compared to areas where female children are abducted and then sold and resold as sex slaves.


good point! :thumbsup:


What’s weird is that the previous day on the 22nd, it was announced that the Skagit County Mount Vernon School District Lawyer:** After School Satan Club must be allowed to proceed**
By KERA WANIELISTA @Kera_SVH Sep 22, 2016

MOUNT VERNON — A so-called “After School Satan Club” proposed by the Satanic Temple of Seattle to be held at Centennial Elementary School should be allowed to proceed, an attorney hired to represent the Mount Vernon School District said…

…The Mount Vernon district is one of nine throughout the country that has been chosen by the** Satanic Temple** to host a pilot After School Satan Club program because the districts also host a Good News Bible Club, which is run by the Child Evangelism Fellowship.

“We didn’t invite them to the school, they put our name on a website,” Centennial Principal Erwin Stroosma said. “We feel like we’re pawns in a game — someone else is manipulating us.”…



What does this have to do with the mall shooting?


Suspect in custody kiro7.com/news/north-sound-news/authorities-looking-for-active-shooter-after-reported-shooting-at-cascade-mall/449595663 no real details though.


Thanks for update! Hope it is the right person!

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