4 gates of hell


To Mary888.

I am confused as to whether your question is directed to me or billcu1.


To you. I wanted to know if you consider the discussion in itself useless or you just wanted to point out that we should consider that this theory is not teaching of the Church.
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I still don’t know how to take what Saints wrote as. I sometimes find them paradigmatic and I continue thinking from there. I mean they are in Heaven while me not.


Provided the the saints do not write anything that contradicts Church teaching you can take what you can spiritually from them. I was just mentioning that the four gates of Hell is not a Church teaching and not everything the saints write is correct. For example, St Thomas Aquinas did not believe in the Immaculate Conception but as it was not Church dogma at that time he was free to express his opinion.


So is a teaching such as the immaculate conception for some reason just made dogmatic? Does some thing have to be proven to be dogmatic? Is thsi done at councils or writing of the Pontiffs. I see the abbreviation LG so much. The Catechism mentions things and that is cited. What is LG?


Read the link which has the Ineffabilis Deus declaration on The Immaculate Conception by Pope BI. Pius IX - December 8, 1854


I understand “dogmatic” as the opposite of “humanistic”. Now depending on what one is talking about or believing, dogmas and humanism I don’t see as absolutely “right” or “wrong”. of course the church’s dogmas are to be followed. So do encyclicals “create dogmas”?


It was long believed that Mary was without sin, but St Aquinas thought that she was for just a moment with original sin at her conception, instead of being conceived without it.

Things have different weights, dogmas are to be believed and accepted by all the faithful after they are defined, but generally things are long believed long before they are defined, or they are defined after/during some dispute concerning it.


To Billcu1.

Why are you so hung up on dogmas. It makes no difference if you are looking at an infallible Church teaching or a non-infallible teaching. Catholics are BOUND BY ALL of them.
As I said earlier if you want to know what the Church teaches read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Here is a link to an online version: http://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/ccc_toc.htm

Just because a saint wrote something does not mean it is Church teaching or even correct. Same goes for private revelations (even Church “approved” ones). If you get a spiritual lift from the readings that’s okay.

To go back to the thread title 4 Gates of Hell this is NOT a Church teaching.

I repeat that to know what the Church teaches read the CCC.


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