4 Volume Liturgy of the Hours in Spanish

I’ve been having some difficulty in acquiring the 4 volume liturgy of the hours in spanish. How many different editions are there? Are there different ones for Mexico, Colombia, Spain, etc? Which one would most commonly be used in the US?

There are two editions, one for Spain and one for Latin America that was approved by the bishops’ conferences of Mexico and the different Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America. The bishops’ conferences of different regions of the English speaking world also have different editions of the Liturgy of the Hours for use in their territories.

The primary reason for this would be owing to differences in local saints’ feast days as well as differences in the Holy Days of Obligation. There’s also the question of the use of the language, as American Spanish and peninsular Spanish have minor differences in grammatical use and vocabulary. If you are planning to use it in the U.S., you would use the Latin American edition.

I presume you can at least read Spanish if you are interested in obtaining these for yourself, but perhaps you were thinking of them as a gift for someone else? In either case, here’s a link you might find useful:

Librería San Pablo - Lista de libros - about halfway down that list you’ll find an four volume edition published for the Americas that goes for about 129.08€ (around $180.00). There’s also the four volumes (which you have to purchase separately) for use in Spain; they’re a bit pricier at 50.00€ per volume (around $70 ea.).

I’m certain if you ask for help at a local Catholic bookshop they will be able to give you more options.

Hope this helps! God bless.

Thanks! This is a real help!

God Bless

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