40 Days For Life Commercial

I made this commercial for our local pro-life Group, StandForLife / Charlotte Coalition.


I’m trying to get the video to convey the message of joining the 40 Days For Life Event which starts soon and at the same time inspire the youth.

If you have any feedback let me know! Criticisms welcome as well. We can only improve and humility states that there’s always something new to learn :D.

What do you do during the event?

Usually the group prays a rosary. Others go and protest and talk to the women going in to get an abortion.

Very good! Nice video. :thumbsup:

Here’s the website…

40 DAYS FOR LIFE CAMPAIGN (Begins Wednesday, Sept. 26th)


Oh cool. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just thought about joining, and then I saw the number of babies that had been aborted in only the eastern part of my state last year, and then learned my state isn’t even in the top 25 state with the most abortions. I’ll definately be joining, the numbers disgust me.


great video and saying that ,i have to bring up that 40days is a non-denominational endeavor and watching one would think think it is for Catholics only.and being involved with 40days i can tell you it can be difficult engaging our brothers and sisters in Christ who aren’t Catholic .

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