40 days for life


Has anyone been participating in the 40 days for life? I went yesterday with some friends and their children after Mass to pray outside a Planned Parenthood. It was very nice and peaceful and made me feel good about doing something to speak out. It was closed being a Sunday but others in the strip mall saw us. I also put a bumber sticker on my car (which I NEVER do) that states “I am child not a choice!”. This was the first time I have ever done this and now I want to go again soon. As Catholics we need to get more involved in this effort to save our precious babies.


Never heard of 40 days. But our parish used to say the Rosary in front of the local abortion mill every Saturday morning. Our local churches also do the Life Chain every October here in town. Silently lining up along the busier streets with tasteful signs and pray. .

What you’re doing is great. It’s very easy to get discouraged and think there’s nothing we can do to stop abortions. Keep it up!

I assume you have a “bumper” and not a “bumber” sticker on your car…just kidding…


Isn’t 40 Days for Life over? That’s when there is a 24 hour prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood for 40 days. I thought it was in December or January. At least it was around here. We only prayed during daylight hours, though…not enough people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pray in front of a Planned Parenthood any other time of the year. I used to pray the rosary with a Pro-Life group in front of Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings for over a year but now my car broke down so I can’t.


The National campaign was last October and November and yes that is over. My school and city the school is in participated in it. However, I heard certain cites, not the one I am currently in, also decided to have a 40 days for life during Lent which actually seems rather appropiate.


We were at our archdiocese 40 days for life. Each local church was given a 24 hour period at the local PP. We had sign ups at our church to give an hour of our time. There were people there, however, who were so dedicated that we had plenty of company for the times I signed up (once with my friends, once with my family). There were specific rules about where you could park and stand, and of course PP had their escorts out.
One of the signs was to honk if you were pro life and I am telling you the truth, most cars honked. Everything from huge trucks to tiny cars. We got a lot of waves as well. I think most people in their hearts know abortion is wrong. The media in America it seems goes out of their way to try to promote otherwise, but sitting on that sidewalk that day showed me otherwise.


Hmm…I go to Planned Parenthood for annual exams and such, since I don’t have a “real” doctor yet. Is that sinful, even though I am not going there for an abortion?


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call your county health department and find someplace else to go!!!

There are always other free or low cost options other than PP. Call Catholic Social Services in your area and ask them for suggestions.

You DO have options!!!



My city is participating in the 40 days for life during Lent. We plan on going again this Sunday. I was there with 3 friends and their children and it was amazing praying the rosary with the children leading.


I tend to generally notice the people that flip us off but I agree that most people are for the cause and against abortion.


I’ve seen way more people honk their horns and wave at us than the ones who flip us off. When someone flips you off, just think what they are really saying to you is “I need your prayers!”


I do the prayer support from home as I have no one to watch my little guys so the bigger ones and I could go. We are having a retreat given by Fr. Tom Euteneuer the President of Human Life International on 3/15 at one of our parishes here that I’m going to try and get to.

If you can’t get out to a site and pray, download the 40 Days Prayer from the PriestsForLIfe.org site and do it at home like us! We end our daily devotionals this way so the kids are always thinking about it too.


I participated in one here in Waco a few months ago. I’m unaware of one going on now.


Check out 40daysforlife.com and you can see all the cities participating in the vigil this Lent. The 40th day, the end of the official vigil, is this Sunday, March16th.
You can see a couple of videos about the 40 Days for Life on GodTube, and there is one on YouTube also.
This project is a huge undertaking for the local organizers, but the rewards are countless.


Here is an example of the rewards: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=217691

Hopefully we will close this place of death down as a result!!!



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