40 Days for Life


Is anyone out there participating in the 40 Days for Life, beginning Sep 26?

We had Dr. Alveda King, MLK’s niece, speaking in Waco about the event, and we’ll be praying, fasting, and standing in front the local Planned Parenthood site during this time.


We are having 40 days for life here in Richmond, VA. My wife and I have taken an hour on Sept 26 to pray outside the abortion mill.


Yep ever tuesday night for 3 hours here in houston. houston actaully has three groups praying in different parts of town.


Whoop! We’re doing 40 days for life here in College Station.


Man aggies whoop everywhere even on the internet. My friend susan is banning her future DH from whooping at their wedding. I have a feeling though his friends will do it for him


Well you got a new convert! I had never heard of this before. I went to the website!! I cant find though anything going on in Kansas City - it says that it is one of the cities participating, but I cant find any events, etc??!



Found it!!!

I’ll be joining in…thanks for letting me know about this!



We’re on board in Reno-Tahoe! Glad to see it being talked about here at Catholic Answers!

God Bless,



It was in our bulletin this weekend - Baltimore, MD diocese.


Ours too! With the Bishop’s encouragement to participate.



I’d be interested in hearing how Houston’s 40 days for life goes. I used to live there and my mom still does.

Back in the 90’s when the Republican National Convention was there my mom, sis and I protested outside the planned parenthood near Holy Rosary Church.


I have never heard of this but I know it is going on in my area so I’ll probably try ot get involved somewhat snce I know people from my school are.


for more info, go to www.40DaysforLife.com


It was in our bulletin too! :slight_smile: Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Even if DH and I aren’t able to sign up for a block of time, we will be doing our own praying and fasting for the cause!


I am going to Pittsburgh. I think we some of us Franciscan University of Steubenville students are going.


Have you heard about how successful it’s been in Aurora, IL? They kicked off early (yesterday was their 40th day) because PP tried to open the nations largest abortion mill having it built under a false name. The construction workers started to wonder when they were installing bullet proof glass, and they brought it to the attention of some local Pro-Life folks. That was about 50 days ago. Since then, they kicked off an early run of 40 Days for Life and PP was supposed to open the building yesterday, but the city is instead investigating the circumstances of their permits and the possibility that there was fraud in their applications.

PP tried getting the courts to force the city to issue their occupancy certs, but the court today shot that down. It looks like the investigation will go to the State’s Attorney General!


So folks, 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting, Constant Vigil and Community Outreach can work!



My husband and I are the co-directors of the 40 Days for Life Lubbock. I am so excited to see all of you excited about it!

We are having a bit of a rocky start getting people signed up for hours. Make sure to contact your leaders and get signed up!!! and pray, pray, pray!!!


I’m going to Kick Off Tuesday night! I’ll be there when Norma McCorvey speaks! I’m so psyched!


Hey Meg.

I use to go to school in Lubbock. has anyone contacted the Catholic Students Association? It large and active. I still communticate with a lot of the students on facebook.com


I was out of town last weekend, so I was unable to attend the Kick-off meeting they held in Sacramento.

But I’ll be going to the Reno kick-off Mass tomorrow!

Way to Pray! Pray to End Abortion.


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