40 days until Election Day [US]! See the latest 2014 election polls

40 days until Election Day! See the latest 2014 election polls: politi.co/1rfNHzj

Doesn’t look too promising for the GOP/USA. interesting to see a GOP candidate in a close race in Hawaii. And Duke Aiona close to david ige in governor race. He was a fellow parishioner of mine in Hawaii. Good man.


I’ve always felt that the most accurate poll is conducted on election day!

That probably isn’t accurate either,considering all the fraud and cheating that goes on

All I know is I’ll be doing my part to make sure Wendy Davis doesn’t win as Texas Governor. According to the link she is down by 12 points and I hope it stays that way.

I’ll be writing my name in for governor in NY since none of the candidates are worthy of being governor. :slight_smile:

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