40 Mexican bishops taking 'intensive' exorcism course


A success rate of 1 in 3 would make me think I was not a very good exorcist . I would not try to train others before I got it right. Why am I so cynical, but it seems all very odd.

I’m glad to read this.

Then again, if you were that 1 out of that 3, YOU would think him to be good!
I don’t know what the benchmark success rate is in that field.
I have the sense in reading this story, and attached links, that we aren’t getting a clear picture, either because of translation issues, misunderstanding, or secular media bias.

First, what is an ‘intensive’ exorcism course? Are there other, lackadaisical exorcism courses?
Second, why would the bishops be attending? Wouldn’t it make more sense for whichever priest does those things in their local diocese to attend?
Third, I’m troubled that one link pokes fun at the fact that the Pope actually believes in the devil. Is it odd that a pope would believe Catholic doctrine?

I just have the sense there is more going on here that we don’t know.

I hear- though it is just anecdotal- that occultism is a real problem in Mexico so I can se the need for more access to this intervention.

Maybe Exorcism is like baseball? Batting .300 is worth an all star appearance for most players.

Sorry, serious subject.

It’s even worse than that. The article says that Bishop Babolin has performed 50 successful exorcisms on 150 people, but for those 150 people he has performed a grand total of 1,650 exorcisms. That he has performed multiple exorcisms on individuals indicates that some of those other exorcisms were misses rather than hits, putting the final success rate at 3 out of every 100!

Now I know less than nothing about Catholic exorcisms. Are exorcisms understood as functioning ex opere operato like the Sacraments, meaning that if an exorcism is validly performed then it must by definition have a 100% success rate at effecting whatever it is supposed to effect (in this case the ridding of demonic possession)?

As an aside, I’m a bit skeptical of the linked source. They have a video of Pope Francis to the right margin, showing him giving what the Vatican has already stated was an impromptu blessing, yet the caption underneath says that he was performing an exorcism.

You can hear Father Fortea’s workshop on exorcism from a few years ago here.

No, an exorcism is a sacramental, not a sacrament. The desired result is not guaranteed. Even in the Gospel the Apostles encounter a difficult case and fail to exorcise the demons…Jesus responds that additional prayer and fasting was required. There are many factors when it comes to exorcism - the faith of the priest and others involved…the nature and power of the demon…the spiritual history of the afflicted individual…

I have a feeling you nailed it. Mexican current events always seem to be on the insane/terrifying side, and I’ve heard that the whole Santa Muerte thing is at the heart of most of it. Creepy stuff……

Fr. Malachy Martin in Hostage to the Devil also explained that free will is a big part of it. To what extent has the individual surrendered his will to the possession. Complete surrender is the most difficult. I don’t want to say impossible because Jesus told us nothing is impossible with God.

It’s strange that they say that. Do they honestly expect the head of the Church to not believe in one of the most basic Christian beliefs?

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