40-year peak in seminary enrollment celebrated

More Seminarians Than One Stage Can Hold

40-year peak in seminary enrollment celebrated at S.O.S. dinner

By Jack Smith
Catholic Key Editor

Abbot Gregory Polan of Conception Abbey led nearly 700 voices in a round of “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” at the Downtown Marriot January 30. “We bless and we thank you Lord for countless blessings,” Abbot Polan prayed as he opened the annual S.O.S. - “Support Our Seminarians” dinner and auction in support of men studying for the priesthood from both sides of State Line Road and for Conception Seminary College.

As he has every year, KMBC-TV anchor Larry Moore served as master of ceremonies at the event which was the brainchild of Moore and his wife Ruth. Recalling the humble beginnings of the effort, Moore said in 1994 there was only one seminarian from the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph. “Things got even worse the next year,” Moore said, when there were none.

This semester, Conception Seminary College has 110 men enrolled – a 40 year record according to Conception Seminary Rector Father Samuel Russell, OSB. Father Russell shared the great news that 26 men are currently in formation for Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph and 21 are studying for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Not all are studying at Conception, so the great numbers there indicate an increase in vocations from many dioceses.



Thank God. Hopefully, stuff like this will continue.

Read recently, I think in America Magazine, tough financial times usually predict an increase in vocations for all faiths. Happened in the financial upset after 9/11 and apparently is happening again. Perhaps folks see that seeking riches does not lead to security and are inspired to put their trust in other than mammon.:slight_smile:

I’m guessing it also has something to do with Pope Benedict coming to the US and speeking with the seminarians:thumbsup:

While I think the Pope’s visit and prayers (He prayed, “Come Holy Spirit.”) while he was here played a role, I think this has been a long term turn around. Their commitment to orthodox Catholic teaching is a major factor.

Thank you, Lord.:extrahappy: :amen: :bible1: So many prayers are answered.

Praise God!

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