40 years ago: Cardinal Luciani elected Pope



John Paul I
Let the conspiracy theories begin!



That’s a new one on me @Tis_Bearself .


Yeah, that was kind of during the prime of the Fall and the late Mark E. Smith.

I remember Pope JP I very well, I have his book “Illustrissimi”. He was gone too soon.


He certainly had a sense of humor. In “Illustrissimi” there’s one letter to a historical figure (linked below) he wrote where he said St. Vilgefortis would make the perfect patron for the feminist movement–a bearded lady who wants to get away from her husband–I admit, it made me chuckle.

(St. Vilgefortis was the daughter of a pagan man. She had secretly made a vow of virginity, but her father promised her to a man in marriage. She prayed to get out of it. Miraculously she grew a beard and the man no longer wanted to marry her. She was then martyred by her father.)

see page 273 here:


And today, we have this…00


That tweet from the Holy Father is true enough. Had Pope John Paul had Twitter, he too might have written some lightweight aphorisms.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I remember he said that God is mother, right?


Mother and father .


Ok then…


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