40 years waiting

I have been waiting 40 years for God to fulfill a promise He made to me that I had not asked for or prayed for. What’s the hold up? At this point I can’t go further career-wise unless He fulfills the promise that He made to me. I have done all that I can do.

You may wish to move this to a thread where people can give advice. In the Prayer forum, I pray that you find some spiritual direction.


I’d move it. But I’m not sure where it belongs.

Prayers for you @different_division that your problems become clearer.

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God promises us salvation , eternal salvation , if we live by His rules and fulfil all the requirements. God does not promise us careers.

How do you think God made you a promise about your career , what happened that you thought this?


God is always in control, so be humble and accept what you are given. Many others have less.

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I can’t and don’t want to know the specifics but maybe God has fulfilled it just in a non direct or better way. Praying for you.

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Whoa whoa whoa, you are putting conditions on God? He doesn’t have to answer to you, he made you, quite literally.


How is it that you think God made a promise to you 40 years ago? How did he let you know about it?


Just curious, how did God make you a promise you neither asked nor prayed for? Was it a private revelation? If so how did he appear to you?

I would sincerely like to understand.

Peace and God Bless

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I don’t know how God made you a promise that he ‘has’ to fulfill. God does not make it so that you cannot live unless he fulfills a personal promise.

You cannot bargain with God and only obey him if he does something for you. That’s a little like prosperity gospel Protestantism.

If it is God’s will, then your prayer will be granted at the right time. If it isn’t fulfilled, you’ll know it wasn’t his will.


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God promised Abraham that he would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky, as many as the grains of sand on the seashore. Many years passed, Abraham got old and his wife Sarah was well past menopause, and they had zero children. Then God gave them Isaac, a child of promise and laughter.

God is not known for showing up promptly.


God promised the world a saviour since the days of Adam - how many thousands (tens of thousands) of years did we have to wait for that particular promise to be fulfilled?

Jesus promised He would come again - we’ve been waiting almost 2,000 years on that one.

If you’ve done all you can do, you’ve done all you can do. I think God expects us to do what we can with what we have and where we are at any given point in time.

Only you and the Lord know what it is, some people wait their entire lives while some wait just a bit. God has a plan for every one of us, pray about it, obviously if you havent prayed about it NOW would be a great time to ask God to prepare you and SHOW you what to do. Good to remember, needs over wants :slight_smile:

It kind of reminds me of that one story of the shipwrecked man in the middle of the ocean and asks God to save him. Then he rejects the cruiseship, fisherman boat, etc. Dies and eventually asks the Lord why he didnt save him.

I would advise you to take what you feel is a promise made by God to you to a good spiritual director, or to your priest. We have to be careful when we feel we have a private revelation, one is because of the reasons you describe. We put our hope in this revelation and then struggle when it does not manifest in the manner we expect.

Fr Groeschel’s book about private revelations is a good read.

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To further clarify, the promise was confirmed by 2 other sources.

I see the mistake I made here. I should have said that I can’t go further unless I change which is much more difficult to do.

Ók, what do you expect from this forum? We have no idea what the promise was, or how it is affecting you. We can only be skeptical the God spoke so plainly to three people, as that sort of thing is quite rare.

Visit a good priest and talk to him about it.


May God bless you with wisdom, discernment or whatever graces are needed to accept the actual reality of your life that you have worked hard to achieve in this often disappointing world. All of us, one way or other, have to face our lives with humility and gratitude, despite many disappointments.

Jesus’ own life carried disappointments He most certainly didn’t deserve. That hurt Him, also.
Remember how He wept over Jerusalem for the rejection of the love and truth He offers.

In honesty, the fact that two others confirmed what you want, is less convincing to others, because there are many reasons that can lead people to confirm what we hope to hear. And their natures might compel them to for all kinds of reasons.
It seems unlikely that God would make a specific promise about someone’s personal advancement.

The skepticism is unwarranted. At the times of the promise and confirmations I had no need or desire for the promise to be fulfilled. Why would I make it up? So I could complain about it not being fulfilled years later?

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