400 000 attend Mass at World Youth Day - Copacobana Brazil


I love this event of Pope JPII. I think it will educate, reconnect or introduce many young people to the faith.

If you are a young Catholic, non-Catholic christian (aged 15-30), or even an atheist or searching, you should try to attend one. It is awesome and open to ALL youth.

Just saw today’s mass of the pope, saw a lot of people. The crowd seemed very excited and about being there. Hopefully it touched the lives a lot of people.

I just pray that our pope stays safe.!


Statistical breakdown. They are expecting 2 million for the Papal Mass. Hallelujah. The young are the future of the Church. :signofcross:


Opening of World Youth Day

This surprised me there are 152 pictures in a slideshow on Huffingtonpost.

One million two hundred thousand attended the “Stations of the cross” on Friday, what a beautiful event.



3 million people in Copacabana tonight for the vigil, as reported by Rio’s government.

Also – 3 million people at the closing Mass (Sunday).

Like the Saturday prayer vigil, it was held at the beach at Copacabana.

This is because the field that had been arranged for both was washed out by then – huge, huge puddles of water and mounds of mud.

Not good.

BTW, I heard (saw) Fr. Mark Mary Cristina remark that there were also alligators and snakes in that mud.

World Youth Day Central – site featured by S&L (Salt and Light)


“Rebuild the Church of Christ!” – Francis incites 3 million youth present at Prayer Vigil***Address of Pope Francis at the 28th World Youth Day Prayer Vigil on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, July 27, 2013***](“http://wydcentral.org/francis-incites-3-million-youth-present-at-prayer-vigil/”)

July 27, 2013 by salt and light

Wished I could have been there in person. So I settled for watching it on my T.V.

Actually, praying it even from my home on the Pacific coast side of the United States, I “felt” it so very deeply. Even though I’m not that age as the pilgrims there were, I was in that age group at one time. I feel like I did then. Except now, more fully formed in my Faith. Life is like that, I guess.

It’s been estimated at there were 1 million there praying the Stations.

Walking the Way of the Cross

Salt and Light has the entire Way of the Cross (a.k.a. “Stations of the Cross”) done at the beach at Copacabana recorded on video.

This Way of the Cross lasts for one hour and 38 minutes.

You can see and hear its recording by clicking on the picture of Mary holding Jesus – which is the picture below the picture at the top part this Web page -->


Pope Francis’ address to the pilgrims can be read on this page -->

Address of Pope Francis to Young Pilgrims at the World Youth Day Way of the Cross
on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro
July 26, 2013

Correction. The video of the Way of the Cross which is shown from clicking on the picture BELOW the top picture lasts for TWO hours and 33 minutes. Not one hour and 38 minutes.

If you click on the picture at the top of that page (on LiveStream Central – new.livestream.com/wydcentral2013/events/2281040

all you get are 2 minutes of instructions from a man and a woman telling the people what to do and not do so that all may be able to participate prayerfully in the Stations.

It will not show Pope Francis’ voyage on his way down the avenue to the beach, the two representatives of Salt and Light talking with each other during that time, nor the address and the aftermath of the pilgrims on the beach which are what you get in the 2 hours, 33 minute long video that you get when you click on the picture at the bottom of that page – the picture with a white arrow located on the center of the photo of Mary holding Jesus’ dead body taken down from the cross.

Still, the Stations themselves do last for an hour and a half. beginning around the 50 minute mark on the video with Pope Francis arriving at the main altar.

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