400 dress as Jesus to put Christ back in Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like 400 Jesus impersonators:

Dressed in flowing robes and thorny crowns, about 400 churchgoers promised their pastor they’d dress like Jesus as a hard-to-miss reminder of the holiday’s religious roots.

Members of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship began showing up that way last week at jobs, shopping malls and restaurants. The demonstration wrapped up Wednesday.

“I know it’s a crazy idea,” said pastor Kelly Lohrke, whose 600 members attend services in Kansas City, Kan., and nearby Lee’s Summit, Mo. “I know it’s a radical idea. Christians can have fun with their faith and sharing their faith.”

Lohrke said he came up with the idea out of frustration over the removal of crosses, nativity scenes and other religious symbols from public view.


They do realize that the RELIGIOUS ROOTS is the winter solstace (or was it Yule…), not Jesus’ birth. He wasn’t even born in December from what I’ve read.

Well at least they had fun with it.

The roots of the date are the winter solstice. The root of “Christmas” is Christ’s birth…which was assigned the date of December 25th, though we don’t know exactly what day he was born.

As Christians, we don’t celebrate the solstice (and Yule is a solstice celebration, so that is just redundant).

I think they should have all dressed as baby Jesus though. :wink:

Merry Christmas!!

I think they should have all dressed as baby Jesus though.

Ouch haha but no please! I still need my sane mind intact

Swaddling bands and all? They’d look like a flash mob of mummies.

Innovative, but I hope no one got in trouble for work. “Render to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and to God what is God’s.”

Christ was never out of Christmas.

Nananananana Man-u-fac-tured con-tro-ver-sy, man-u-fac-tured con-tro-ver-sy… </elevator music>

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