400 kids taken from polygamists compound

I cringe when I think of Warren Jeffs, his seventy wives and all of his wealth and power.

I believe the story is that there is fifteen year old girl missing and no one seems to know what happened to her.


What I heard is that, as horrible as this sounds, there are many young mothers on this compound and no one is certain who is the specific young girl that made the complaint. Also, there is a lot of intermarriage among this group and many of the women share last names.

HOpefully, they find the girl.

I’ve been following the story and it just seems like there should be laws enacted to prevent girls from being abused in the ways described in the news. Problem is any such laws run the real risk of infringing on the rights of genuinely religious people.

One of the ways they supposedly can support such large families is by applying for welfare (‘spiritual’ wives are legally single mothers) and maybe this is the crutch that should be targeted.

Something needs to be done…no one else gets away with this kind of brazen pedophilia.

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