40th March for life Promo video incorperates Obama's Prolife stance


After the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting Obama spoke beautifully on how we must love our children regardless of the cost, this video applies such comments to the unborn, and our obligation to do whatever we can to stand against violence against children.

Also featured on Lifesite News lifesitenews.com/blog/president-obama-challenges-pro-lifers-to-join-march-for-life-sort-of

As the president said: “If there’s even one step we can take to save a child, then surely we have an obligation to try.

“Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?”

Barak Obama

Powerful video.

It just goes to show that even those who are diametrically opposed to our Lord ultimately end up serving His greater glory!

I don’t doubt our president was sincere in his statement concerning Sandy Hook, but what about the carnage that goes on everyday in the abortion clinics in our own neighborhoods? Mr. Obama, and much of America, has no problem with those babies being violently killed, dismembered, and thrown away with the day’s trash.

God help us!

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, makes the underlying cause of this very clear (Mp3 homily): isthmuscatholic.org/resources/media/448

An amazing video! Please, keep sharing this I just read an article on the National Catholic Register about the media, and their “mission” to silence the news about the March for Life. We need to to show people that the Pro-Life movement is growing!

The media NEVER shows the March for Life. It’s a total blackout. The only place you see coverage is on EWTN.


Especially on the 40th anniversary, they will try to hide the March. They can try. They can’t stop the pro-life tide.

I pray that the President and his family are inspired by the Holy Ghost. However, I hope he extends his concern for children to the unborn.



Seriously:confused: Seriously:confused: Seriously:confused:

Do people here really think Obama will be Pro - life:confused:

I’m going home to knaw my big left toe off…

Incredible… Simply incredible…

Of course not, but we can pray for a miracle!

God moves in mysterious ways. I have prayed for Obama’s conversion since he first ran for President, and all the way through his previous term, and I won’t stop praying.

Actions are what count. Not words.

On the same day that the 20 children were killed at Sandy Hook, well over 2,000 children were killed by abortion. Yet, there were no BREAKING NEWS feeds on this ongoing, daily mass killing, no calls by the President to ban abortion, and no speeches by the President or the leaders in his party calling for immediate action to end “legal” abortion.

As long as the President and his party continue to support murder (abortion) on demand, they cannot be taken seriously when they say that they are interested in “taking a stand against violence.”

Not all Americans see pre-born babies as human life (not me).

I have trouble seeing pre born babies as children, since to me a child would imply a toddler at least, and not a new born.

Very powerful.Hopefully this video will be seen by Obama.I really doubt that even he would be able to deny the impact of his words and their connection to abortion.That all children preborn and born deserve the same consideration and protection.

Just remember, every single politician using dead kids in CT as justification for disarming us is pro choice and thus is in fact utterly indifferent to murdering kids.

Every single one.

While it is nice words from Obama, remember his stance regarding the Catholic Church and the HHS mandate.

Afromansammy commented on the video:

It’s not suggesting Obama is pro-life; rather showing the contrast between what he says and what he does. His stark anti-life agenda is diametrically opposed to the speech he gave after the shooting.

I think we should take him at his word: “Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm? … The answer is no… These tragedies must end… If there’s even one step we we can take to save another child, surely we have an obligation to try.” End abortion.

What media do you watch? I’ve seen coverage of the March every year since forever - not heavy coverage admittedly, but coverage all the same.


All of us reading this began life as a uniquely human embryo.


That said, when we say “children” we may also be referring to merely those people whom we have brought into the world. For example, older parents might still refer to their sons/daughters as being their children even if those sons/daughters are well into their adulthood.

That said, regardless of whether we call new-born babies children or not, surely you wouldn’t argue that this newborn baby is any less worthy of life then a toddler would be.

With this in mind, since our society is currently quite capable of saving the lives of pre-maturely born babies that are as young as 6 months old, would you then consider a 7-month old baby still inside the womb to be a lesser life then this 6-month old newborn who was born pre-maturely?

Ultimately, arguing that an unborn baby is not a life is the equivalent of asserting that because I can’t see this person, he/she must therefore not exist. This is a very dangerous train of thought… Don’t forget that many Nazi sympathizers also choose to turn a blind eye to the death camps and pretended that those innocent human beings didn’t exist either…

I purposely watch every network when they have the march and it’s either not covered or misreported, e.g. it’s a 20 second segment at the bottom of the hour, they have a small angle lens that makes the crowd seem tiny, they show mainly old people (if they can find them) to make it seem dated, they focus on the 30 or so counter-marchers, etc. Usually it’s just not covered. The NY Times didn’t mention it at all last year. Imagine the coverage if a few hundred thousand confiscate guns supporters marched on DC?? You’d see nothing else on the news for a month.

Like the Tea Party, the Pro-Life march is focusing on the wrong target imo. The epicenter of the Culture of Death is the media. Congress, and Obama are pigmies compared to them. The media wags the dog and makes them possible. The March should walk through DC and park itself peacefully in front of every network demanding they report the Truth on the issue.

“We no longer have to worry about freedom of the Press, we have to worry about freedom FROM the Press”–GK

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