40th Ordination Anniversary

This May my parish priest will be celebrating his 40th anniversary to the holy life, and I was wondering if anyone would know of a gift that we should get him. Our priest tries not to make every moment of his life about his holy commitment and often attends sports games and concerts. Also he often receives food from the parishioners, and as it unfortunately happens to many priests alcohol is out of the question. If you know of any gift ideas please post them.

Thank you,
J. Helinski

The traditional gift for a priest is a chasuble. I’m sure no Priest can ever hav enough chasubles! Or, a statue for the church, clerical attire!

I hope I helped, God Bless!

Who’s “we” – your family, the parish council, some members of the choir? Do you have a budget? I’m sure he’d be happy to receive tickets to a ball game, or tickets for a weeklong pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but it’s tough to know which to recommend!

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