43% of Catholics reject transubstantiation

Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere, but this is mind-boggling to me:


From the article:

A 2008 survey by the Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate (CARA) found that 43% of Catholics agreed with the statement, “Bread and wine are symbols of Jesus, but Jesus is not really present.” In 2001, only 37% of respondents had agreed with that statement.

This is basically what Protestants believe. Not only that, but it seems as many Catholics have the same low regard for the Eucharist as Protestants. One of the major reasons I have not converted to Catholicism is because I cannot accept transubstantiation. But if nearly half the Catholics in this country can’t accept it either, then why not? Should I just become Catholic or should they all become Protestant?

Well there is a question of the other half,surely.:D:D

Apart from that there is primarily the question of ‘understanding’ it.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


The survey was taken 8 years ago! Granted it could be a higher percentage now.
Maybe more homilies need to be done on this topic. Perhaps some don’t really
understand what it means.

I believe the reason why so many do not accept it is because they do not understand. The Catholic Church has been affected by the “modern” way of thinking and that is a result of poor catechizing. If one cannot accept the truth about Transubstantiation, ( the bread and wine changing into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, thru the words of a validly ordained Catholic Priest), then the evidently do not accept the Words of Christ in John 6; 35-59. ( He didn’t change what He said to suit those who couldn’t believe it.)
And at the Last Supper when He instituted the Holy Eucharist and Apostolic Succession of the priesthood, to the Apostles for HIS Church. Read the writings of the Early Church Fathers!! Also study about Eucharistic Miracles. The truth is there for those who want to know it and believe it, whether one is an informed Catholic or not. God Bless, Memaw

Its one thing to define the transubstantiation, its quite another to understand it. If you understand it…please by all means I need to as well. Can you help me?

Well, no. The Reformed believe Christ is truly, really, spiritually present in Communion and it is not merely symbolic. Lutherans are a lot closer to Catholics than this. It is the baptists who think it is symbolic, and there can be objections to it being described as ‘merely symbolic’ in which the reality of Christ is absent.

Hmm. It seems a lot of Catholics may be crypto-Baptists.

Trust Jesus at HIS Word !! He said, "This IS MY BODY, This IS MY BLOOD, do this in remembrance of ME. It is truly a Miracle every time a Mass is said by a validly ordained Catholic Priest. Trust HIM. God Bless, Memaw

Check out a book called “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”. I loved it, I think it will help you understand what Catholics believe, as for those who do not believe, well, I also find the lack of knowledge and understanding in the Church to be very disturbing. However God isn’t going to judge us on everyone else, what they knew, or their standards. He is going to judge us by the truth, by His standards.


Are 43% of the people really “rejecting” it, or are most of the 43% just less informed than they should be in regards to the dogma?

If the polls identified the Catholic doctrine before they asked the respondents, then the headline might be correct, but if it just asked the people the question without pointing out the correct, Catholic answer, its most likely a sign of a lack of knowledge.

Exactly. It seems protestants use these polls and stories as affirmation of their false beliefs. If only one person believed a teaching of Jesus that teaching is still True. The protestants that walked away from Jesus after His Bread of Life discourse knew exactly what Jesus was saying.

Another good book on the Eucharist is The Hidden Manna by Fr. James O’Connor…

Read CARA’s methodology for sample selection. Note the margin of error increases from ±3.1% to ± 9.8% after the survey determined that 77% of those surveyed (self-identified as Catholic) do not attend weekly Mass. I think they should have identified themselves as a “Nominal Catholic.”

[INDENT]“Twenty-three percent of adult Catholics say they attend Mass every week.” [/INDENT]

Of those who do practice their Catholicism, 91% of Mass attendees do believe in transubstantiation:
“Nine in ten weekly Mass attendees (91 percent) say they believe that Jesus Christ is really present in the Eucharist …”


Indeed, reject is a strong word, and I don’t think the poll asked the question in those terms.

Understand it? Not even close! Accept it as a cornerstone of my faith? Without any reservation!


I have noticed this tendency in many Catholics. :frowning:

I would think that a lot of that 43%, or whatever the true number is, are victims of the “burlap banner and coloring book” era of CCD. Which is not a criticism of the faithful volunteers who respond to the call to be teachers.

First, your argument ignores the 57% who do believe! Let’s extend your reasoning, projecting it forward. Why not become atheist? If we are defining belief downward, it is the inevitable end point of the theological entropy observed since the reformation.

No, look before the reformation for the truth. Read the fathers. Look at the beliefs of the Church, both east and west. Remember that words, logic, arguments all fail. Our Lord could not convert the crowds, even face to face! Who is a better evangelist than Christ Jesus? Indeed, some in our time must believe that they are.

Rather, dig into history. Read the fathers. Best of all, take up a challenge that very few seem willing to accept: Find out when your local parish offers adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Then go and spend time before Christ. Pray for the grace to believe, and then be as patient with the Lord has He has been with you.

When you are aware that He is there, you will be changed. You have been dissuaded by man and now seek to be persuaded by man. Go above man’s pay grade: Allow the Holy Spirit to speak.

I could attend Sunday Mass at my parish and make a list of very concrete reasons why so many struggle with transubstantiation. Number 1 by far is the dearth of quality catechesis. That’s not going to change in a lot of locations. You have to take action on your own.

Because others remain ignorant is no reason for you to. Amp-up your prayer life and study when it comes to transubstantiation and you will notice a chance in your view of it in time.

This is very disturbing and confirms what I’ve always believed about our faith.

If we wonder why Protestants sometimes thrive and we generally don’t? That poll is the answer right there.

If you don’t believe in the Sacraments you are cutting yourself off. The Church teaches the disposition of the person matters and so does the Bible.

Protestants at least read their bibles. If you are a Catholic who doesn’t read the bible and cut yourself off from the Sacraments, what are you? A atheist who attends Mass?

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