48 hours - Arkansas 1993 murder episode feat/Johnny Depp

Did anyone catch the 48 hours special on Saturday night which focused on the brutal 1993murders in Arkansas of 3 young boys. The story has been the subject of a few books and documentaries, but I had never heard about it before. I was interested because the 3 boys would be my same age today if they were alive. The case is interesting because there were charges of it being a satanic murder and the local authorities seem to have really botched the case. A host of celebs including Johnny Depp and Natalie Manes are speaking out on behalf of the 3 men in prison. I usually do not like either of them but after watching the episode, I share the belief that the case was botched. Trutv goes into really good detail on the case: trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/famous/memphis/index_1.html

For those of you that watched 48 hours, what did you think? I thought that 48 hours was very biased in favor of the men in jail, almost to a fault (for instance they did not report that the satanic charges against one of the charged men were true, he was an occultist and drank human blood, etc). Yet I still agree that justice was not served. My own suspicion is that one of the boys (and possibly one of the friends) was a victim of sexual abuse by his step-father and the step-father needed to get rid of him because the mom had spoken with the school about suspecting the abuse.

Here is a link to the program, you can watch the full episode online as well:

A miscarriage of justice, to be sure. I am sorry for their unjust incarceration.

I’ve actually been following this case for a few years, and am just stunned that these guys are still in jail. There is no evidence whatsoever against any of them. If one of them was a inso satanism that has nothing to do with anything (even though I think it’s awful). Most experts have said the murder was not a satanic offering. The country at the time was in some sort of craze, and as it said in the 48 hour special, the FBI has said there has never been a murder that was a satanic offering.
These guys need to be released, and they need to find the real killer.

I am not familiar with this case but there was a show on last week that was about a D.A. who had locked up numerous adults for molestation and claimed that they all belonged to a satanic cult. The evidence was based on the words of two children. The detective who arrested these adults is a complete nut and literally tried to lock up anyone who challanges him. The town is somewhere in Arizona. But this guy is a complete kook who sees molestor and satan worshippers under every bush.

I know that in the 80’s and early 90’s this whole idea of repressed memories and supposed satanic cult killing was highly fashionable. Most of it, if not all of it was proven to be totally bogus. www.answers.org has an article on this nonsense and yes there are still people who are in jail based on the testimony of over zealous psychologists and D.A.s

It was found that most people who are “satanists” are really atheists, and real satan worshippers are very few and far between. They don’t come in groups, but are usually loners and the majority of them are teens with very low self esteem. There is no conspiracy and there are not satanists roaming the country side looking to murder people. It’s ridiculous.

I wonder if these men were locked up by an overzealous police department that bought into this nonsense back them.

I didn’t catch that episode but isn’t this the infamous case that was the basis for the documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills? I recall hearing that the step-father of one of the young men practically confessed on camera. I’ll have to look into it.

ETA: I just did some research, apparently it is the step-father of one of the victims who is under suspicion.

Yes, this is the case of Paradise Lost (and a few other documentarys too).

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