48% Think Spending Cuts Could Trigger Violence

Nearly one-out-of-two Americans (48%) think that cuts in government spending are at least somewhat likely to lead to violence in the United States, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. But that includes just 13% who feel it’s Very Likely.

Nearly as many Adults (44%), however, believe violence as the result of spending cuts is unlikely, but only 12% say it’s Not At All Likely. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Americans under 50 raise the possibility of violence more than their elders. Most adults not affiliated with either party (58%) think spending cuts are likely to trigger violence, compared to 46% of Republicans and 42% of Democrats.
Tax hikes and a crashing stock market are seen as less incendiary in the minds of most Americans. Thirty-seven percent (37%) think increased taxes are at least somewhat likely to lead to violence, but 59% view that as unlikely. This includes 14% who say such violence is Very Likely and 20% who believe it’s Not At All Likely.


Go back to the mid-60’s: Cloward and Piven’s idea (in a nutshell) was to collapse the whole American system mainly by overloading the welfare rolls. Whatever violence happens is precisely what the Leftists wanted, so that they can then scrap the residual constitutional system and finalize their NWO “paradise.” Alinskyism at its “best.” :mad: (See this for more.)

During that time period, where there were riots, the police had aerial photographs showing pre-positioned bricks and other weapons on roof tops, so that rioters would have weapons available to use during the riots. They used the bricks to shower down on police and others on the ground.

The projected violence was all prearranged by the then equivalent of today’s radicals.

The police said they could spot the ringleaders because they were on the edges and sides of the riots with bull horns, egging everyone on.

In London, the police monitored their use of facebook and other internet devices to coordinate the riots.

Nothing spontaneous.

And afterwards, the police had so much surveillance footage that they were easily able to go and round up the perpetrators.

Then some radicals claimed that the photographic evidence constituted “self-incrimination”.

All of this violence is part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Hey, almost anything can spark violence, things like

The city’s team winning a championship
The city’s team losing a championship

So, yeah, it’s possible that folks receiving charity who instead see it as a right and the duty of government to provide it, with therefore no sense of gratitude to the people providing it could become violent.

50% believe in UFO’s so anything can go.

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