4Marks Education-Catechism online


Has anyone used this online program?? We are without a Catholic school option in my area and I want my children to have more than what is offered at PSR alone. They are in grades K and 1 at public school.

I am taking steps to strengthen my own faith and realized that in public school, I learned world history, and in CCD, I learned what I needed to know in order to receive the Sacraments, but I don’t think the two ever really meshed. I didn’t learn history as it relates to my faith. I want them to have a stronger foundation than I’ve had. Does that make sense?


My friend uses it for her 8th grader. It looks pretty good to me. I’ve considered using it for my upper grade school kids. But, with a kindergartener and 1st grader, you might want to use something a little more relaxed.

I like Image of God series for preschool-1st grade


Then, we switch to Faith and Life


I, too, had a lousy religious education as a kid. I’m very determined as well that my kids get better than I got!

Fill your book shelves with lots of Catholic picture books, Bible stories, coloring books, etc.


Thank you!!!


I applaud your efforts to strenghthen your faith. My four children also attend a public school, so I share your concerns.

At this point, since your children are very young, my advise would be to focus on your Catholic faith & education. Are there any adult Catholic courses that you can take at your parish or a local college? In order to properly teach the faith to children, a parent has to have a good understanding of the Catholic faith. A book that really helped me was Steve Kellemeyer’s Designed to Fail, Catholic Education in America.

Children learn by seeing their parents live an authentic life. They may not understand at age four what the Eucharist is, but they will understand that going to Mass on a regular basis is a part of your life. I think the problem with a lot of people (myself included) is that there is this mistaken belief that it is all so complicated, when in reality it isn’t.


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